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Amazonas State University | Universidade Do Estado Do Amazonas

Amazonas State University | Universidade Do Estado Do Amazonas

Amazonas State University | Universidade Do Estado Do Amazonas


The State University of Amazonas (UEA) is a public university, autonomous in its educational policy, whose mission is to promote education, develop scientific knowledge, particularly about the Amazon, together with the ethical values ​​capable of integrating man into society and improving the quality of human resources existing in the region in which it operates.

Academic activities started on August 3, 2001, and, on June 30, 2005, the first class graduated, with 7,150 students from the Normal Superior course of the Teacher Training Program (Proforma) - a project that won the Millennium Goals award and appointed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) as a model to be followed by other countries.

UEA has more than 25,000 students regularly enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses. It is the largest multicampus university in the country, that is, it is the Brazilian higher education institution with the largest number of units that make up its composition. In its structure are five Academic Units in the capital (Higher Schools); six Centers for Higher Studies and 13 Centers for Higher Education in the interior of the state.

In addition to undergraduate courses, these being Bachelor's, Bachelor's, and Technological courses, the University also concentrates efforts to expand the offer of Postgraduate courses in the most diverse areas of research. Currently, the institution has 286 courses, 64 of which are regular and 22 special offers, counted by the municipality of the offer, and 68 courses counted by nomenclatures. UEA also offers 64 Lato Sensu postgraduate courses (Specialization), 15 Master's and five Doctorate (Stricto Sensu) courses, in addition to eight Minter and Dinter courses (interinstitutional masters and doctoral programs.

In the field of Extension, the largest multicampus university in the country has an important variety of actions, programs, and projects. All of these are carried out with a view to promoting the institutional policy of university extension and meeting the needs of society, through scientific and technological knowledge. Added to this is the support and encouragement of actions to support the UEA university community, seeking the integration and well-being of students and civil servants.


  • Platô do Piquiá

    Rua Bloco Um e Três,4-40, 69850-000, Platô do Piquiá


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