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Algebra University Master in Creative Market Communications Management
Algebra University

Master in Creative Market Communications Management

Zagreb, Croatia

2 Years


Full time

01 Jul 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 6,450 / per year **


* students who do not require a visa can apply after the official deadline

** EU/EEA students: 5.370,00 EUR – 7.020,00 EUR per year | international students (outside EU): 6.450,00 – 8.100,00 EUR per year depending on the degree option


Design and communications management is a complex process that requires interdisciplinary knowledge and various skills that you can fully master, understand and develop in this study program. We live in a time inspired by technology which faces us with new challenges and requires new ways of dealing with increasingly complex problems. Of course, these challenges need to be understood and adopted on a daily basis. A specialist professional master study program in Design & Communications Management prepares you exactly for this kind of situation. The knowledge you will acquire will help you to become a part of a digitally transformed world, where only constant commitment to innovation ensures success.

Managing teams composed of a wide variety of experts and managing your own business are just some of the skills you will learn and adopt in this study program. Today, technology is a requirement for business success, but technology is nothing without the people who understand and develop it. We want to show you the importance of technology in today’s business environment, but also teach you how to manage people who use this technology. In addition, how to understand and communicate with those who need to become fond of the products and services managed by yourself in order to buy them and remain faithful to them.

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