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Vision & Mission

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies facilitates research and graduate studies at Alfaisal University enabling it to be a leading regional institution that benefits society and that helps to sustain a knowledge-based economy. Our mission is to support multi-disciplinary research and graduate studies programs of faculty and students by enhancing the environment for creative scholarly work with the highest levels of quality and integrity, and that stimulate the development of a knowledge-based society. Specifically the Office of Research & Graduate Studies will:

  • Promote effective sustainable fundraising of research funds at levels sufficient to allow the University to grow and fulfill its objectives both in the long and short-terms.
  • Allocate, administer and manage these research funds Institutionalize ethical standards and guidelines for all Alfaisal University faculty and staff to ensure the highest levels of integrity and compliance.
  • Develop and encourage the creation of interdisciplinary research programs and centers of excellence at the University.
  • Coordinate with other institutions to support and fund student and faculty research, enhance research awareness in the country and contribute to the national research agenda and policies.
  • Facilitate commercialization of research outcomes by encouraging scientific and industrial communities to utilize the outcomes of research at the University, and by developing collaborations between Alfaisal and other institutions.
  • Ensure an environment that allows University students and faculty to conduct high quality research.
  • Develop an infrastructure and culture that encourages, supports and recognizes excellence.
  • Promote the involvement of students at all levels to be engaged in the research process.
  • Help to build a strong research-based graduate program at the University.
  • Attract and facilitate research scientists and fellows from overseas to conduct high-level research at the University.
  • Increase publications in high-quality research journals. Acquire patients based on intellectual property generated from research projects at Alfaisal University.

Graduate Studies

When you select graduate studies at Alfaisal University, you will be in one of the world’s top 200 young institutions under 50 years old as recognized by Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2017. You will belong to:

  • A community of scholars enrolled in over 7 graduate programs
  • A distinct collection of students whose aptitude, intelligence, and inquisitiveness make them self-assured to become tomorrow’s leaders
  • A group of alumni that are unified by their quest for excellence

Most significantly, you become a member of a top-ranked university located in the heart of Riyadh, connected not only to regional research institutions with their wealth of opportunities but also to an international network of scholars that are known for their eminence.

Campus Features


The Office of Research & Graduate Studies, which currently occupies four offices, helps to oversee research laboratories at the university and also assists faculty in obtaining access to external laboratories such as those at KFSHRC, KACST, KSU and KAU through collaborative research grants such as the KACST NPST Strategic Grants program, and the KACST GDRG program. Alfaisal faculty, for example, in addition to our own laboratories are currently also using laboratory facilities in KFSHRC (3 NPST projects), KSU (2 projects), KAUST (1 project), KACST (2 projects), KAU (1 project) as well as in overseas research laboratories in Japan, USA, UK and Canada.

Furthermore, in order to speed up the ordering of chemicals and supplies for our research laboratories, the ORG has an agreement with KFSHRC to order such items through its purchasing system. This has significantly reduced the ordering time from 6 months to 2 months.


    Graduate Studies Admission Requirements

    To apply for a graduate program at Alfaisal University, please follow the steps outlined below

    1. A bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution accepted by The Ministry of Education (MOE) in a related field.

    2. A satisfactory scholastic average; a minimum grade average of "very good" in the bachelor’s degree.

    3. Above average GMAT, GRE score or an equivalent Graduate Quadrat Exam held by Qiyas Centre.

    4. If the applicant comes from a country or political entity where English is not the official language adequate proficiency in English to do graduate work, as evidenced by:



    Other Programs


    Band score of at least 6

    Band score of at least 5.5


    Band score of at least 70

    Band score of at least 65

    5. Applicant should provide two recent letters of recommendations from professors who taught or from a manager at the workplace.

    6. Students must provide a statement of purpose.

    7. The graduate study application must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee payable to Alfaisal University, which is equal to SAR 500.

    8. No Student shall be allowed enrolment in two graduate programs at Alfaisal at the same time.

    9. Pre-MBA Requirements: Applicants with backgrounds other than Business Administration may be required to complete one or two pre-MBA courses. This will be determined after reviewing candidates’ documents.

    10. An Interview with the applicant may be requested if required.


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