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About Acacia University

Acacia University, Arizona, US, stands as a symbol of regeneration, perseverance, and integrity and is on a mission to make learning a long-lasting, invigorating experience. The premier institution has now become a part of the prestigious Westford Education Group, the leading provider of accredited international education to aspiring learners across the globe.

A pioneer and leader in distance education since 2003, Acacia University aims to provide accessible, quality education to a multi-cultural, global learning community through online/distance learning. As technology advances and students look for greater flexibility and accessibility with education, Acacia aims to utilize the capabilities of digital pedagogies to create new experiences and services.

Acacia offers academic programs at the master's and doctorate levels and in a multitude of areas such as elementary education, secondary education, special education, English as a second language, and education leadership. It also features non-degree studies to provide focused training in specialized areas for adult learners.

Designed by educators to envisage the possibilities of the learner’s career, the educational programs offered by Acacia are affordable, accredited, convenient, supportive, and relevant.

Acacia University envisions a change by empowering learners to expand their abilities, revive their passion in their respective fields, and develop their capacities for new roles. At Acacia, we are committed to providing unparalleled learning standards by delivering the highest quality educational programs through smart, innovative forms of learning. The blended learning mode enables powerful and effective ways to improve education and the teaching/learning connection.

Acacia is redefining education and helping you realize your full potential to propel you into excellence by delivering education through innovative forms of online learning.

Why Acacia University?

Acacia University has been a pioneer in distance learning since its founding in 2003. We have consistently met the needs of professionals whose geographic, professional, or personal time limitations kept them from completing their education at a traditional brick-and-mortar school. We pride ourselves on quality, affordability, and flexibility for our students.

Our Mission

We believe that education and training, being vital aspects of progress, create the path for individuals to flourish when offered with quality and taught to be applied efficiently. At Acacia, we aspire to pave a promising career pathway for all who desire to learn and grow by:

  • Ensuring a dynamic, innovative, and effective learning experience for all learners
  • Providing educational opportunities at the lowest cost feasible by maintaining high academic standards
  • Delivering programs conducted by qualified, student-centered faculty committed to teaching and student learning
  • Building a 'learning community' culture that fosters questioning, stretching, and understanding
  • Providing exceptional academic and student support services


The vision of Acacia University is to ignite a passion for lifelong learning among the students and enable them to innovate and excel in their respective fields. We impart education not only to offer accredited degrees but to deliver lessons that will improve our students’ work experience.

Core Values

  • Excellence in teaching/learning by offering a high-quality and student-focused education
  • Organizational integrity by operating with the highest ethical standards
  • Diversity and civility by supporting multicultural understanding and maintaining respect for all learners and staff


  • Tempe

    South Research Drive,7665, 85284, Tempe