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Abadir - Accademia di Design e Comunicazione Visiva

Abadir - Accademia di Design e Comunicazione Visiva

Abadir - Accademia di Design e Comunicazione Visiva


ABADIR is an Academy of Design and Visual Communication located on the slopes of Mount Etna, active on a local, national and international scale in the training of young people on project disciplines and new media, boasting collaborations and partnerships with Italian and European companies and institutions.

Through our study courses we want to train multifaceted designers, able to meet the ever-changing needs of a constantly evolving world.

We promote design as a transformative discipline , capable of triggering change: aware of the social responsibility of the designer, we propose activities that generate virtuous practices in the territory, in the context of the design of material goods, services and communication.

In an era of great transformations that change the way we live and work, design and digital skills are key disciplines to face and manage the changes taking place and they are especially so for Sicily, for the development of its institutions. culture, tourism, its businesses and crafts.

ABADIR aspires to become one of the driving forces in training for Sicily and the Mediterranean area in all sectors in which creativity plays an increasingly central role. In line with what happens in more competitive areas, we aim to focus our offer on work areas with greater potential but which require a radical rethinking of the professionalism employed.

Within the Department of Design, the school offers three types of training courses:

  • First Level Academic Diploma Courses
  • Level I Master Courses
  • Workshops, workshops and seminars


ABADIR Yesterday and Today

  • In 2012, the Three-year Course in Design and Visual Communication and the Master in Product Design Out [of the] Door were activated.
  • In 2013, in collaboration with IdLab Studio, an experimentation on blended learning and online training was launched, which is developed through a series of courses for the European platform Iversity and with the introduction, in the training offer, of the 1st level Master Relational Design , launched in 2014.
  • Since 2015 ABADIR has been a partner of the University of Milano Bicocca within the MADIM Level I Master's program in Management and Digital Transformation .
  • In 2016, in collaboration with AIAP - Italian Association of Design of Visual Communication and Caffè Moak, it organized the first edition of the Sicilia Felicissima competition , which intends to promote visual communication projects born from the collaboration between designers and companies or organizations in Italy and abroad. Sicilians.
  • In 2017, new internationalization processes are triggered by joining the Erasmus + Program .
  • In 2018 the Academy was entered in the register for the Alternation School Work of the Chamber of Commerce for Eastern Sicily (Catania, Ragusa, Syracuse).
  • In 2019 the Observatory of Productive Activities was born, aimed at encouraging dialogue between the students of the school and the realities of the territory.
  • In 2019 the Research and Development Department led by the architect Federico De Giuli was born with the aim of consolidating relations with the production area and the world of work.
  • In 2020, the 1st level Master of Heritage Innovation is launched.


  • Sant'Agata li Battiati

    Via G. Leopardi, 8, 95030, Sant'Agata li Battiati