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Shikoku Gakuin was founded in 1949 by missionaries from the Presbyterian Church in the United States and Japanese Christians as a higher education institution based on the evangelical Christian faith. With its historical background as a reminder, we hereby define our mission and the basic principles that promote that mission at its core.

《 Our mission 》

Shikoku Gakuin provides education that contributes to the fostering of the rich humanity that people need throughout their lives, based on the dignity and freedom of their personality based on the Christian faith.

<< Our basic philosophy >>

・Serve God and people .

・Pursue justice and peace, human freedom and dignity, with a critical examination of the "view of humanity ."

・ In a spirit of cooperation with others, we strongly recommend abundant intellect and freedom of thinking, and creativity and independence of research .

・Respect people who have a broad perspective and a deep understanding of the local community .

・Foster the sensibility to accept different cultures and different people .

・We respect people who seek welfare, earnestly understand social reality, and tackle issues without being sentimental or sympathetic .

・Aiming for true welfare to others, cultivate sensibilities and qualities that do not fall into falsehood .

・I think that the physicality of human existence is as important as the spirit .

・ At the same time as thinking, seek people to practice.


  • Zentsuji

    Zentsuji, Japan