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Best Universities for Master Programs in Ukraine 2024

Number of institutions: 12
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Freiberg, Germany
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    The EIT RawMaterials Academy is the overarching brand of all the education activities of EIT RawMaterials. These range from innovative education projects launched via calls and run by the Innovation Community’s partners to a number of centrally operated projects. Activities across the entire ecosystem of learners - Master’s and PhD students, industrial partners, professionals within the raw materials sector, and wider society - foster new ways of learning and teaching by connecting academia, industry and research organisations.

    • Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where aviation and space equipment is developed and produced, as well as qualified specialists for this field, are trained. National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" is a leading educational institution in the system of public education of Ukraine, which graduates specialists in this field. Kharkiv Aviation Institute was founded in 1930 and initially had two faculties - aircraft and engine. At the time of its foundation, KHAI had only 12 teachers and 69 students. The development of the institute was extremely fast. Already in 1932, the first passenger plane in Europe took off from the chassis of HAI-1, developed by teachers and graduate students of HAI. Aircraft and gliders created within the walls of the institute set world records.

    • Kyiv, Ukraine

    Welcome to Ukraine's largest higher education institution in physical education and sports. We are waiting for you!

    • Lviv, Ukraine

    Lviv Polytechnic National University is the oldest higher technical educational institution in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, founded in 1816 as the Imperial-Royal Real School. The university consists of 16 institutes, 114 departments, separate educational institutions, public organizations, and general divisions.

    • Dnipro, Ukraine

    The University is rightly proud of a whole galaxy of outstanding scientists - academicians and corresponding members of national academies of Sciences of Ukraine and other countries, professors who with their original ideas and research enriched the potential of domestic science, gained national and international recognition. Among them - GV Kurdyumov, VI Danilov, IE Ogievetsky, SM Nikolsky, DO Svirenko, OM Dinnik, LV Pisarzhevsky, DI Yavornytsky , VS Budnyk, TF Gerasyuta, VI Mossakovsky, OL Belgard, AP Travleev, IF Kovaleva, VP Motorny and many others. Thanks to the efforts of leading scientists and the entire teaching staff of the university, well-known scientific schools in the field of mathematics, mechanics, radiophysics and radio electronics, rocket and space technology, neurocybernetics, biotechnology, inorganic chemistry, historiography, historiography have been created and successfully developed. , German studies, literary and linguistics, etc. Fundamental research of classical DNU is multidisciplinary, which makes the university different from other free educational institutions in the region. The achievements of scientists of the university are marked by numerous state and branch awards, prizes, grants of foreign scientific and educational institutions.

    • Kamianske, Ukraine

    Dnieprodzerzhinsk State Technical University today has 6 faculties, 33 departments, 2 colleges, 1 technical school, regional educational and scientific manufacturing complex "Prometheus", 7 teaching and laboratory buildings, three dormitories, a library with up to a million copies and halls of electronic information, advanced information network with access to the Internet, educational television centre, editorial and publishing department, medical centre, health centre on the bank of Oril river, sports and dining facilities, strong maintenance unit.

    • Sumy, Ukraine

    Sumy State University is located in Sumy city in the North-East of Ukraine. SumDU is a leading university of a classical type. The University currently serves about 13,500 students pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees in 55 majors and 23 fields of knowledge. About 1650 international students represent about 50 countries worldwide.

    • Uzhhorod, Ukraine

    Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU) is one of the major public universities in Ukraine. The university today consists of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational and Scientific Institute, Natural Sciences and Humanities College, and 20 faculties.

    • Kyiv, Ukraine

    Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is one of the biggest educational establishments in Europe. It trains 25 thousand students, postgraduates; doctorates as well as a foreign student from neighboring and far abroad countries.

    • Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

    The Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG), established in 1967, is the market leader in providing high-level technical and non-technical training services to Ukraine’s energy sector – a major driver of Ukrainian economy. Recognizing its special obligations of training specialists for the oil and gas industry, our University offers a unique blend of teaching, training and industrially focused skills. All the available indicators of research standards and academic standing place IFNTUOG in the highest echelon of Ukrainian technical universities.

    • Lviv, Ukraine

    The faculty of applied sciences of ucu forms the leaders in the field, who will use their knowledge to influence the present and future of Ukraine and the world.

    • Kiev, Ukraine

    To say the least, it means acquiring formal knowledge; not any business school can educate a person or, moreover, induce one to something. It can just provide knowledge.