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Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States situated in the northeastern Caribbean close to the Dominican Republic. As an unincorporated territory, it enjoys many benefits of being part of the United States, but a bit of anonymity as well. The territory includes the main Puerto Rico island and a handful of smaller islands, such as Mona, Culebra, and Vieques. The main island is the third largest in population among the Greater Antilles and the largest island of the Lesser Antilles.

Puerto Rico has many fascinating sites to visit. Old San Juan is a favorite for history buffs, while the Puerto Rican Art Museum helps art lovers experience the local culture. As a tropical island territory, it has its share of rainforests, including the El Yunque Rainforest. Beaches are also a popular attraction here, and the mountains on the interior of the main island provide excellent views of the islands. Swimming in the bioluminescent bay, which literally glows because of the microorganisms it contains, is a popular activity for Puerto Rico students as well. Those who study in Puerto Rico will find a number of activities and attractions to fill their days on the islands.

Practical Information
Puerto Rico is known for its tropical climate, with a rainy season from April through November and a dry season the rest of the year. Temperatures hold relatively steady throughout the year in Puerto Rico, with a warm, humid climate year-round.

Puerto Rico's economy is fueled primarily by the manufacturing industry, followed by service industries, including finance and tourism. The island lacks natural resources and is dependent on imports, which has created a high cost of living compared to the United States. However, compared to countries in Latin America, Puerto Rico also has a high GDP per capita.

The official languages of Puerto Rico are English and Spanish. Despite an English-only law passed in 1902, Spanish is the only official language of the judiciary system and the primary language spoken by the people. Less than 10 percent of the population speaks English fluently.

Before traveling to puerto rico to study, contact your insurance provider to ensure that you have coverage. Some insurance providers will not offer coverage through their standard programs, but you can purchase an additional program to cover you while you are studying internationally.

Getting around Puerto Rico is not difficult if you travel across the outer portion of the island, which is where the interstate highways are. A public bus transit system in the metropolitan area is a favorite for students. Ferries can take you to and from the other islands in the area, and Puerto Rico has three international airports.

As you make plans to travel to Puerto Rico for school, prepare to arrive a little early. This will give you a chance to see some sights, get to know the area and learn more about the culture before you start school.

Studying in Puerto Rico is both enlightening and engaging. Find a program that fits your needs, and get started on earning your Puerto Rican degree.

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About Puerto Rico

Higher Education in Puerto Rico

In spite of its small size, Puerto Rico offers both public and private universities, including four schools of medicine and four law schools. The educational opportunities in Puerto Rico are quite diverse, and it is an excellent location for a degree program presented in Spanish. The universities in Puerto Rico offer programs designed specifically for international students, with housing and meals built into the programs.

International students can study in Puerto Rico to give themselves the chance to learn Spanish in a full immersion program. With so many people around the world speaking Spanish as their primary language, this provides an important skill that will open future career opportunities. The school year in Puerto Rico is divided into spring and fall semesters, and a shorter summer session is also available.

The universities in Puerto Rico are centered in two main areas. San Juan is home to the main campus of University of Puerto Rico, which has 11 campuses throughout the island. The city is on the coast, so students benefit from life by the water and in an urban environment. For a faster-pasted environment consider studying in Mayaguez, which also has a campus of the University of Puerto Rico. The smaller town and close proximity to the beach found in Mayaguez are appealing to many students.

The University of Puerto Rico is the largest and oldest university on the islands, but several private universities are also a possibility, including Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez, Inter American University, the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon, and Pontifical Catholic University.

Once enrolled in a university in Puerto Rico, students can pursue any course of study they choose and are approved for. Some schools offer short-term programs designed specifically for international students with the goal of providing language immersion and cultural training.

Visa Application

As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico has the same requirements as the United States for international students looking to study there. Those who are citizens of the United States can travel at will to Puerto Rico as long as they have photo identification required by airlines. Students from other countries will need to be accepted into a Student and Exchange Visitor Program at the university of their choice. After being approved, they must then apply for a U.S. Student Visa. These are not difficult to attain but are required to enter the territory.