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Best Universities for Master Programs in Mexico 2024

Number of institutions: 235
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • + 14 more

    IE University is a top international university in Spain with campuses in Madrid and Segovia. Recognized as one of the leading higher education institutions in the world, IE shapes leaders who drive innovation and change in organizations, providing a learning environment where technologies and diversity play a key role in fostering global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a humanistic approach.

    • Tlaquepaque, Mexico

    ITESO is the Jesuit University of Guadalajara. Founded in 1957, it belongs to a network of over 228 Jesuit universities around the world. They all share a 450-year-old tradition of Jesuit education, a tradition that has historically been at the center of the world thought, known for educating leaders in all the fields of science and art.

    • Mexico City, Mexico

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Mexico City, Mexico
    • Monterrey, Mexico
    • + 2 more

    EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey has built a globally recognized reputation as the leading Latin American business education institution, committed to empowering omnipreneurial leaders who create shared value and transform society.

    • Mexico City, Mexico

    The Vatel International School of Hotel Management and Tourism is a recognized institution around the world, which prepares students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out management positions responsibly in hospitality establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, agencies. travel, service agencies, hospitals, recreational centers, etc. Vatel's academic plan offers an official double degree (Mexico-France) that opens up the opportunity to directly join the professional world.

    • Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico

    Aware of the need to prepare better people and professionals to more successfully face the challenges of a 'new normal', at UVM we have decided to launch our New Certeza Educational Model.

    • México, Mexico

    We are a University committed to transmitting approaches aimed at business and human development areas that provide highly successful strategies. We have the firm conviction that the function of preparation is to make the individual a person of knowledge and values ​​that collaborate with our society on a positive level of experience. We propose learning as a tool that requires commitment resulting in great achievements and satisfactions, we emphasize the selection of our professionals who, upon entering, already have an enriching profile in the area, which allows them to contribute experience to their classmates and classroom professors. , because knowledge is applied with enthusiasm, truthfulness, honesty and updating. Our University allows development and growth of our graduates and our teaching staff, as well as comfortable facilities where use is a priority.

    • Puebla City, Mexico

    The Polytechnic University of Puebla is committed to meeting and continuously improving the effectiveness of its Quality Management System, through establishing, reviewing and periodically evaluating quality objectives, which are aimed at strengthening the educational service provided by the University, to fully train competent professionals who meet the needs of the productive and social sectors.

    • Mexico City, Mexico

    At the Technological University of Mexico we are convinced that everyone has the right to receive a quality education. Therefore, for you to study your high school, undergraduate or graduate, we offer you affordable tuition, academic scholarships and a job bank. Our goal is for you to become a professional prepared so that you can improve your quality of life.

    • Cortazar, Mexico

    We are a world-class university operating through a comprehensive quality management system that: Integrally trains people, through various educational programs recognized for their quality and relevance, based on the Polytechnic Universities model. It has highly qualified personnel. It promotes the culture of research, technological development and innovation, with a sustainable approach and with international projection.

    • México, Mexico

    The Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo is a public and secular institution of higher and higher education, heir to the humanism of Vasco de Quiroga, the ideals of Miguel Hidalgo, José María Morelos, Melchor Ocampo; at the initiative of Pascual Ortiz Rubio, First Autonomous University of America, whose mission is: Contribute to the social, economic, political, scientific, technological, artistic, and cultural development of Michoacán, Mexico, and the world, forming upright, competent, and leading human beings that generate changes in their environment, guided by the ethical values ​​of our University, through relevant and quality educational programs; conducting research linked to social needs, which promotes scientific and technological advancement and artistic creation; establishing activities that rescue, preserve, increase and disseminate universal values, democratic practices, and sustainable development through the dissemination and university extension.

    • Acapulco, Mexico

    Loyola del Pacífico University is a higher-level educational institution that was born in Acapulco in 1992. In 2008, the upper secondary level began with the opening of the Loyola del Pacífico University Baccalaureate: Prepa Loyola. Ten years later, in 2018, he started the basic level with Loyola High School. Today, its offer of higher-level studies is 9 semester and 3-semester degrees. This is how with the expansion of its academic offerings, it is constituted as the Loyola del Pacífico Educational System.

    • México, Mexico

    At Universidad La Salle Noroeste, we are a private university, of Christian inspiration, with Lasallian charisma and 30 years of presence in the northwestern region of Mexico. We are part of the educational community of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, founded by Saint John Baptist De La Salle. This means that we belong to one of the largest education, research, and innovation networks in the world, with a presence in more than 80 countries and 15 La Salle Universities in Mexico.

    • Leon, Mexico

    With our institutional philosophy (mission, vision, values, purposes, and principles), we commit our work to contribute to the development of people and society. With this, we consolidate cutting-edge educational projects in different areas of knowledge based on values ​​that form and distinguish graduates as good people who contribute to the development of a more dignified, just, and respectful society of the value of people and social conscience. , demonstrating in their work quality, service, ethics, and a high human sense. Our values ​​require that education takes into account the cognitive, affective-volitional, and social unity that the student-athlete assumes as something necessary to channel their own way of being, that is, their feelings, attitudes, aptitudes, actions, and behaviors in daily life, in the relationships with their families, with their teachers, coaches, colleagues from the UFD and the social context in which they operate.

    • El Tejocote, Mexico

    The university community generates, preserves, transmits, and extends scientific, artistic, and humanistic knowledge, in order to contribute to the formation of a universal citizenship, with a humanistic, ecological, and democratic conscience made up of responsible, free, and fair individuals.