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Education in Kosovo
Primary education is provided for students here. It consists of schooling from grades one through five. This is a requirement by law for all children and students enroll at the age of six. The second component of education is the lower secondary educational system, which is usually for teens around 12 to 15 years of age. It provides education through grade nine. This is publicly funded and free of charge.

From here, students move on to secondary education. This is either professional education or general education. Most students spend three to four years at this level. This level of education is not a requirement under law, though. Most students who enroll in it do so to learn trades and skills that they will use to build their careers and lives with. These schools have a goal to prepare students for vocational work directly out of school or to prepare them to enter university.

Higher Education in Kosovo
Much of the country is rebuilding and reorganizing. This includes the educational system in the country. Universities and educational institutions provide higher education in Kosovo. Both private and public schools are available here at this level. Students are able to earn an associate’s degree, which generally takes under two years to complete in a specialized area of study, a bachelor's degree, which takes between three and four years to complete, or a master's degree, which can add an additional two to three years of education on. Postgraduate education to earn a PhD is also available. Many students enroll in these programs part-time, though full-time education is still widely available as well.

It is important to note that many of the schools, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology is being altered. The goal is to align the educational system along the lines of other European countries.

Universities in Kosovo
The following are some of the universities present in the country.

  • University of Pristina, located in the city of Pristina as a public university
  • University of Prizren, located in the city of Prizren, as a public university
  • Haxhi Zeka University of Pec, located in the city of Pec, as a public university
  • European Vision University, a private school
  • American University in Kosovo, a private school
  • Iliria Royal University, a private school
  • AAB Riinvest University, a private school
  • University for Business and Technology, a private school
  • Universum University, a private school

Each of these schools set the requirements for enrollment both at the domestic and the international level. Students generally will need to apply directly to the school to learn about qualifications and costs for tuition. These can range significantly with private schools tending to be more expensive than public universities. International students are welcoming, though, at both.

Travel Visa Requirements
Once you decide to obtain your education in Kosovo, you can apply to enroll in one of the universities. Once you do that, you can obtain the required student travel visa. An application with the Kosovo government, though a consulate or embassy can help students to do so, is required. A fee is paid at this time. The individual must also submit a letter from the school indicating their acceptance into the program of the student, as well as information about the student's living arrangements.

Students will need to show they have financial stability enough to live in the country and support themselves while doing so. The country does not provide health insurance to international students. Purchasing a policy from a third party is often a good idea, though a student who enrolls in a travel package may already obtain this.

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Basic monthly living cost

  • Rent in a shared flat

  • Share of utilities

  • Internet subscription

  • Local transportation


Sample lifestyle cost

  • Fast food combo

  • Cinema ticket

  • Pint of local beer


About Kosovo

Kosovo is landlocked and mostly mountainous. It borders Serbia to the north and east, Montenegro to the northwest, Albania to the west, and Macedonia to the south. In 2008, the Republic of Kosovo declared itself an independent state. It has control over most of the territory and has partial international recognition.

Exploring educational opportunities around the world is exciting, but it is also a complex process in nearly all situations. For students who plan to travel and earn an education in Kosovo, it is important to determine how to do so properly and why it is worth doing. Kosovo is a region located in the southeastern portion of Europe. The largest city here is Pristina, which is also the capital of the city. The country is located next to the Republic of Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. However, this country's sheer claim to be an independent state is often questioned, making these lines difficult to determine.

Because of the range of conflicts and unique structures in this area, it is important to consider the benefits of enrolling in education here. The Republic of Kosovo declared itself an independent state in 2008. Not all international countries recognize it as such, though. As a result, many of the governmental laws and regulations here are not clearly defined. This means that students who wish to study here will need to do so after careful consideration and direct application to the school of their choice.

From the hillsides to the mountains, there is a range of landscapes present here. In most cases, those living in the northern portion will experience the mildness of the Mediterranean climate. The European continental climate is also a mainstay here. This means rainy winters with moderate temperatures, and dry, warm summer months.

Kosovo is a country with a range of population types and, in some cases, hostile differences between cultures. This has been an ongoing problem in the region. Nevertheless, there is a strong presence of culture and media here, including the presence of Serbian music and Albanian music. Sports are also popular and the country regularly participates in the Olympics.

Though the school system present here ranges widely in terms of quality and availability, learning overseas in Kosovo can be an ideal opportunity for many individuals. Students often will want to spend time locating the ideal school to live in first, before they invest in any living accommodations. Getting to know the area and the school can help you to decide if this is the right place for you to gain your international education. For many, the rich history and the diverse population make it the perfect place to call home at least for schooling.