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Best Universities for Master Programs in Kazakhstan 2024

Number of institutions: 11
    • Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Satbayev University is the oldest and one of the most prestigious technical universities in Kazakhstan, known for mining and oil business developments. Although technical specialties dominate Satbayev University’s business card, it is an interdisciplinary university where architecture and management are taught.

    • Atyrau, Kazakhstan

    Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University is a modern educational institution. OUR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION is the only state University in Atyrau region that provides an opportunity to get high-quality education in natural Sciences, Humanities, Economics, law, fine arts and music, pedagogical and agricultural specialties.

    • Turkistan, Kazakhstan

    Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University was established based on the Intergovernmental Agreement between Kazakhstan and Turkey to prepare modern, highly qualified specialists from the youth of Turkic-speaking countries and is located in the spiritual center of the Turkic world - Turkestan.

    • Aktau, Kazakhstan

    Educational policy is actively implemented in one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan – the Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Yessenov. Today, our university is the largest modern university that has passed state certification and accreditation.

    • Temirtau, Kazakhstan

    "Karaganda Industrial University" ("KarIU") is the leading university in Kazakhstan for the training of highly qualified personnel with higher and postgraduate education in metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, construction, and other related metallurgy areas, which are a priority for the mining and metallurgical industry.

    • Astana, Kazakhstan

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Rudny, Kazakhstan

    Rudny Industrial Institute is a modern scientific and educational complex in technical sciences with a developed infrastructure.

    • Karagandy, Kazakhstan

    As one of Kazakhstan's leading universities, Karaganda Economic University (KEU) works with global environmental changes and is committed to offering a modern and advanced educational program.

    • Astana, Kazakhstan

    Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University (Seifullin KATU) is the largest agrarian Higher Educational Institution of Central and North Kazakhstan, the first Higher Educational Institution of Astana. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University is reckoned among 10 best universities of the country.

    • Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Created in 1997 in Almaty. The founder, president and first rector of the university is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Aliyev Zhumatay Alievich.

    • Astana, Kazakhstan

    Located in Astana, Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, Nazarbayev University is a research university with growing international renown combining education and innovation on a state-of-the-art 21st-century campus. NU scholars conduct research in a variety of fields and bring the most ambitious projects to life. Research is supported by internal and external funds each year and carried out in modern laboratories. English is the language of instruction and research at Nazarbayev University, and admission and progression systems are entirely merit-based.