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Study Master in Jersey 2024

Study in Jersey

Jersey is a country located just off the coast of France, near Normandy. It is officially called the Bailiwick of Jersey and is a British Crown dependency. This country is the largest island of the Channel Islands.

Jersey is not a part of the UK, which is a common misconception. In fact, it has its own international identity, though the atmosphere, culture, and lifestyle are somewhat similar to that of the UK itself. The country is home to about 98,000 people, making it a very small country. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons to commit to getting your education here. Overall, Jersey offers plenty of opportunities for students interested in an intimate educational climate. Students often find value in attending these smaller, high-quality educational facilities overall especially if they plan to move to the country.

The climate of Jersey is one that's controlled by its location on the English Channel. It has mild winters with cool summers. The temperatures here are very similar to that of the South Coast of England. The area does not have a lot of rain.

Cost of Living
Because the country imports a great deal of its products, Jersey tends to have a moderate to high cost of living compared to other locations. This tends to mean that everyday costs are slightly higher than what you might find in the UK. However, the cost of living fluctuates due to economic conditions.

Overall, Jersey has a rich historic charm to it and a founding that is centuries old, the island itself is one that's relaxed and welcoming. As an English-speaking country, it is very much readily accessible to many students from around the world.

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Basic monthly living cost

  • Rent in a shared flat

  • Share of utilities

  • Internet subscription

  • Local transportation


Sample lifestyle cost

  • Fast food combo

  • Cinema ticket

  • Pint of local beer


About Jersey

Higher Education in Jersey

Jersey's Department of Education provides for the educational needs of the students attending school. There are public schools funded by the government. There are also several private schools here. Overall, the school system is quite similar to that of the United Kingdom in terms of its structure and educational quality. However, it is a small country, which means that students attend smaller schools overall. This may improve the quality of education for many in this area.

In terms of higher education in Jersey, students who attend secondary school will likely move on to a university center. The country offers a college of further education called Highlands College. This facility provides educational opportunities for full-time and part-time schools. Highlands College works as a sixth form as well. In doing so, it works in a collaborative fashion with other schools, including London South Bank University, the University of Plymouth, and Open University. Students who enroll in Highlands College are able to obtain a two-year degree called a Foundation Degree. From this point, they can then obtain additional education to gain education in a specific area of study.

The country also has specialized schools for this type of learning. One of the most prominent options is the Jersey International Business School. This is a private sector school that educates students in a range of disciplines, all with the focus of providing training for international studies. Another school in Jersey is the Institute of Law. This is the country's law school. Students will learn to become advocates and solicitors in Jersey.

Tuition and Fees

Students who study at the public schools do not pay tuition to do so. Generally, though, this is only an option available to students who are natives of the country. Others, including international students, will pay a fee to enroll. This fee ranges significantly depending on the degree program the student enrolls in and the school.

Higher education comes at a fee, especially for those students who enroll in the Jersey International Business School. This school of education is a private facility and fees tend to be higher here. However, the school is also one of the best options for students who wish to obtain a degree that can be used internationally, which is something many students do.

International students can study here. Obtaining a student visa is done through the university itself in most cases.

Many students travel abroad to find jobs outside of Jersey. However, the country does have a growing healthcare industry as well as a strong business sector. Finding work in these fields may be an option after graduating.

Health Insurance

Students who plan to attend university in Jersey will need to obtain their own health insurance. It is not provided by the school of attendance. Students may be able to purchase policies through the school or through a third-party provider. However, the schools set the rules on whether or not students are able to attend without this type of coverage in place.

Student Visas

To obtain a student visa, students must first apply to the school of their choice. If the school accepts the student, he or she is then able to apply for a visa through the government. The school will furnish a letter of acceptance allowing for this to occur.