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Best Universities for Master Programs in Italy 2024

Number of institutions: 167
    • Ancona, Italy

    The Center for Philosophy, Science, and Policy (CPSP), aims to provide a platform for research and advice for science-based policy. It gathers experts in fields of research interested in collaborative work for the development of encompassing frameworks for timely responses to current social challenges in a principled, yet flexible way.

    • Turin, Italy

    The Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST) is the reference structure of the Polytechnic and the University of Turin in the cultural areas that study the processes of transformation and governance of the territory from the global to the local scale, considered in its physical, economic, social, political, cultural aspects and their interrelations, in a perspective of sustainability.

    • Camerino, Italy

    The University of Camerino is a State University that after its foundation (1336) remains young and competitive in spirit. It expresses a strong capability of evolving and facing the challenges of time, always remaining faithful to itself, to its values, and to its long tradition. It’s from the medieval heart that innovative ideas and solutions continually arise, making UNICAM an ancient yet constant novelty. University structures and equipment are in continual development: libraries, research laboratories, modern sports facilities, and dormitories are fundamental elements in guaranteeing the quality of learning at UNICAM.

    • Granada, Spain
    • Braga, Portugal
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    The Arqus European University Alliance brings together the universities of Granada, Graz, Leipzig, Lyon 1, Maynooth, Minho, Padua, Vilnius, and Wroclaw—nine universities with extensive experience in joint projects and a shared profile as internationalized institutions in medium-sized cities with strong regional connections.

    • Milan, Italy

    The University of Milan, also known as “La Statale”, is a hundred-year-old, multi-campus, multidisciplinary public University in the very heart of Milan, the Italian capital of innovation, culture, and design. La Statale, the biggest university in the Lombardy region, one of the richest and most advanced districts in Europe, is very well ranked, both at the national and international levels, thanks to the high quality of its teaching and academic research.

    • Perugia, Italy

    The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is located at the Engineering campus of University of Perugia. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is known worldwide for outstanding research in many fields like earthquake engineering, structural health monitoring, retrofitting of masonry structures, smart and sustainable materials, geotechnics, hydrology, and hydraulic engineering. It received from the Italian Ministry the title of Department of Excellence in 2018.

    • Rome, Italy

    Our MA program in 'International Studies' is designed to prepare students for a career in diplomacy, international organizations, NGOs, business, and research. It covers core topics like International History, Relations, Macroeconomics, and Law. Students can specialize in such topics as: War and Peace, Environmental Policy, Human Rights, and more. In addition to English, it is possible to study Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

    • Milan, Italy

    Domus Academy is a postgraduate Design school located in Milan with Italian and International accreditation. With its masters and advanced courses its goal is to create the next generation of game changers and leaders of tomorrow by putting together different areas of knowledge for cross-disciplinary workshops and internships in collaboration with brands and companies in fashion, product design, interaction design, luxury goods, and more.

    • Rome, Italy

    LUMSA (Libera Università degli Studi Maria Ss. Assunta di Roma) is a public non-state Italian university formed on Catholic principles. It is the second oldest university in Rome after Sapienza and was founded by Luigia Tincani in 1939. LUMSA is accountable to the state university system and awards qualifications equivalent to those issued by state universities.

    • Rome, Italy

    The American University of Rome (AUR) is a U.S. small liberal arts institution based in the heart of Rome, Italy. All of our programs are taught in English. AUR offers three career-focused master's degrees: Cultural Heritage (Sustainability and Community), Food Studies (Policies for Sustainable Production and Consumption), and Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (Human Security in the Mediterranean and Beyond).

    • Modena, Italy
    • Bologna, Italy
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    MUNER is a university specialising in the automotive sector. It offers a variety of master's degree programs in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering. Its educational approach is characterized by learning by doing. MUNER is not a traditional university, but the result of the synergy between four historic universities and the world's 18 leading automotive companies, including the most prestigious in Motor Valley, where MUNER is rooted.

    • Rome, Italy

    Rome City Institute is an international school based in the city center of Rome, Italy. We provide a wide range of accredited educational programs - high school, gap year, undergraduate, and master's degree courses. All programs are taught in English, with the option to take Italian classes for those who want to learn the language.

    • Florence, Italy

    The University of Florence dates back to the Studium Generale set up by the Florentine Republic in 1321. It has had very famous scholars (Galileo Galilei) and professors as well as the two most recent Italian Prime Ministers (Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi). Only in 1923 however, the University acquired its actual name and was transformed into a modern comprehensive university, with its 21 Departments and 10 Schools.

    • Varese, Italy
    • Como, Italy
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    The three seats of the University of Insubria, Varese, Como and Busto Arsizio, are located in the Lombardy region, in the northern part of Italy. We are a young and dynamic university, founded in 1998, that offers interdisciplinary education, quality services and facilities and focuses on cutting-edge research to develop innovative solutions and technologies. We deeply care about our students and their dreams.

    • Lecce, Italy
    • Brindisi, Italy

    This is a young dynamic university, keen to expand and to prove itself at a national and international level. Since 1955 the Università del Salento has had the aim of promoting knowledge, skill and merit and has offered a large range of educational opportunities. From law to science, economics to engineering, humanities to media studies, the university provides academic pathways to a range of professions as well as post-graduate and specialist courses tailor made to meet the needs of the workplace.