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Best Universities for Master Programs in Indonesia 2024

Number of institutions: 14
    • Surabaya, Indonesia

    In organizing higher education, UNAIR’s principles are: a non-profit organization with the capability to manage funds independently to develop UNAIR; independence and good governance; development of academic culture and scientific autonomy for the academic community; etc. Our vision is to become an independent, innovative, and leading university at the national and international level as well as the pioneer of the development in science, technology, and humanities-based on religious morality.

    • Buleleng, Indonesia

    Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha ‘Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha’ hereinafter referred to as Undiksha, is a university which is responsible to the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education and is located in Singaraja, Bali Province.

    • Batam, Indonesia

    Welcome to Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB). Established in 2000, UIB is a new private university, but it has tremendous potential. Located in Batam City, by the borders of Singapore and Malaysia, UIB has its own campus with exceptionally adequate infrastructures to support excellent teaching and learning processes such as libraries, laboratories, sports hall, dormitory, etc.

    • South Jakarta, Indonesia

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Serpong Sub-District, Indonesia

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    UAD continues to improve its various services so that it becomes a comfortable learning place for students, various collaborations are continuously being improved, starting from cooperation with fellow educational institutions, research institutions, government, non-governmental organizations and industry, both national and international.

    • Bandung, Indonesia

    Universitas Pasundan Bandung, hereinafter will be referred to as UNPAS, was established on November 14th, 1960. UNPAS has well grown and developed into a leading university and become the pride of the community since then. It is proven by its largest number of students enrolled in this university among Kopertis Region IV.

    • Jakarta, Indonesia

    Universitas Mercu Buana was established based on Pancasila and Constitution 1945, as well as Three Pillars of Higher Education. Universitas Mercu Buana conducts an educational system orientated on professionalism development characteristics, by using curriculum and semester plans based on Indonesian National Qualification Framework and National Standards for Higher Education, supported by research activities and internships in various institutions and companies.

    • Bandung, Indonesia

    Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM) was officially established on Tuesday, August 8, 2000 based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education number 126/D/ 0/2000.

    • Malang, Indonesia

    Located in Jalan Gajayana 50, Dinoyo Malang with 14 hectares campus area, this University modernizes itself physically since September 2005 with the rector’s building, faculty, administrative offices, lecture, laboratories, student affairs, training, sports, business center, polyclinic, mosques, and boarding school using the funding from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) through the IDB Approval Letter No. 41 / IND / 1287 dated August 17, 2004. On January 27, 2009, the President of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono agreed to title the university with The State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. Given the name is fairly long, on the speech in the 4th anniversary, the Rector abbreviated the University’s name into Universitas Islam Negeri Maliki. With Magnificent and modern physical performance and through determination, passion, and strong commitment of all members of the academic and by pleading the blessing and guidance of Allah the Almighty, the University aims to be the center of excellence and the center of Islamic civilization as a step to implement the teachings of Islam as mercy to the world (al Islam rahmat li al- alamin).

    • Bekasi, Indonesia

    President University is a higher education institution in Indonesia which was established to become a research and development center in the region and to set a new benchmark in Indonesian higher education. Specifically, the university is prepared to create an institution of learning which would prepare future leaders of industry and society by giving them the skills and experience necessary to excel upon graduation.

    • Bandung, Indonesia
    • Jakarta, Indonesia

    The School of Business and Management (SBM) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) was established on December 31, 2003. SBM ITB is located at the Main Campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), the best science and technology institute in Indonesia.

    • Bandung, Indonesia

    In providing education as required by laws and regulations, Unpad establishes the Basic Scientific Pattern (PIP) “Development of Law and Environment in National Development”. The values ​​contained in the PIP are the basis for strengthening Unpad's Vision and become a guide for the academic community in achieving Unpad's Vision and Mission.

    • Semarang, Indonesia

    Diponegoro University (Universitas Diponegoro – Undip) is one of the best universities in Indonesia, located in Semarang City, Central Java Province.