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Best Universities for Master Programs in India 2024

Number of institutions: 16
    • Milan, Italy
    • Mumbai, India

    Established in 1971, SDA Bocconi School of Management is the best international business school in Italy. The footprint and spirit of its founders – according to whom every learning experience is a transformative journey – are alive today more than ever. Thus, our master's, our open & custom programs, and our practice-oriented research aim to change and improve people and organizations. At the same time, our scientific research creates cutting-edge knowledge to help leaders face the toughest challenges in an increasingly global and changing market.

    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Bailrigg, United Kingdom
    • + 3 more

    The first public administration school in Latin America, the Brazilian School of Public Administration at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV EBAP) was established in Rio de Janeiro on April 15, 1952 through a partnership between the United Nations (UN) and the FGV, in order to respond to demands for qualified professionals in this field.

    • Nantes, France
    • São Paulo, Brazil
    • + 5 more

    Partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is a private institution for higher education dedicated to design professions, in association with l’Université de Nantes.

    • Ahmedabad, India

    CEPT University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing, and managing human habitats. Its teaching programs aim to build thoughtful professionals and its research programs deepen understanding of human settlements. CEPT University also undertakes advisory projects to further the goal of making habitats more liveable. Through its education, research, and advisory activities, CEPT strives to improve the impact of habitat professions in enriching the lives of people in India's villages, towns, and cities. The University comprises five faculties. The Faculty of Architecture was established as the 'School of Architecture' in 1962. It focuses on design in the private realm. The Faculty of Planning focused on planning in the public realm, was established in 1972 as the 'School of Planning'. The Faculty of Technology, which concentrates on engineering and construction, was established in 1982 as the 'School of Building Science and Technology. The Faculty of Design was established in 1991 as the 'School of Interior Design'. It deals with habitat-related interiors, crafts, systems, and products. Faculty of Management was established in 2013 and it focuses on Habitat and Project Management. CEPT University takes its name from the 'Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology. CEPT and the various schools that it comprises were established by the Ahmedabad Education Society with the support of the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India. The Government of Gujarat incorporated CEPT as a university in 2005. In 2007 the University Grants Commission recognized CEPT University under section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Government of India recognizes the University as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO).

    • Mangalore, India

    Since 2012, Numazu Kosen has provided a consistent 7-year educational program that combines a 5-year department course with a 2-year advanced course, with special emphasis on early engineering education. Students can earn an Associates' Degree in engineering by finishing the 5-year study curriculum and a Bachelors' Degree by finishing the 7-year study curriculum. We offer education to develop a competent engineer with sufficient hands-on experience and theoretical analytical abilities. We have introduced a new curriculum from the third year of school in which, in addition to one’s major, students choose one of the following 3 courses: Environmental & Energy System Engineering Course, Advanced Materials Science & Engineering Course, or Industrial Engineering Course for Medical & Welfare Instruments. This curriculum is integrated into an engineering education program called the “Interdisciplinary System Engineering Program.” With these courses, we offer an education that can be adjusted flexibly according to regional needs, the advancement of technology, and changes in the industrial structure. We have also introduced into our system active learning, extensive reading in English, and communication skill training to develop engineers who have profound knowledge not only in his or her special engineering field, but also in a wide range of study fields, to be able to make proper decisions from a global point of view. Engineers are of course expected to possess good ethics and humanity. Students in lower grades at Numazu Kosen live in dormitories. Through this experience of living in a group, students hopefully learn kindness and how to get along with others, self-discipline, and how rules and roles function in a group. Such experiences can help build great confidence and the ability to work in a group in a future career. Numazu Kosen is the only higher educational institution in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture that contributes to regional industry as it does through Fuji Pharma Valley Initiatives (an industry, government, and academic project), and Fuji Medical Engineer Training (F-met).

    • Bengaluru, India

    For almost a decade, Think Education has been a leader in developing successful programs, projects, and partnerships in the education sector. Our fundamental goal is to support our clients & collaborators in achieving their objectives in select Asian markets through the provision of customised services in areas of student recruitment, partnership development, executive education, and experiential learning programs. We have expertise in developing strategic alliances for our clients in the markets that matter most to them. Through our work, we bring individuals, educational institutions, foundations, and governments together to achieve joint objectives and contribute to the creation of new knowledge and experiences which eventually support the betterment of society. Some of our clients have included Rutgers University (USA), Northwestern Michigan College (USA), King’s College London (UK), University of East London (UK), Felsted School (UK), Macquarie University (Australia), Institute for Strategic Leadership (Japan), Pearson Vue (India) among others.

    • Bengaluru, India

    Our Promise “Creative Competence – Ahead of the Curve” With over two decades of building vibrant and resilient communities of practice, Srishti has developed a distinctive multi-dimensional approach to capability development and is committed to building creative competencies ahead of the curve. The Creative Moment The recognition that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly connected, networked, and interdependent, and thereby more complex by the day, has significant implications for how we intervene in order to produce better outcomes for all, today, and enduringly and sustainably into the future.

    • Bengaluru, India

    New Shores International College is an innovative and dynamic college that delivers the best in interdisciplinary education in a unique, and uniquely stimulating, way. Our cross-disciplinary approach educates students to think both widely and deeply, allowing the intellect to explore beyond the confines of traditional education. Graduates leave New Shores as well-informed and rounded personalities, able to apply wide-ranging analytical & creative skills, and aware of the wider world and their own potential to operate within it. The New Shores educational philosophy distinguishes between “expanding the mind’s powers” and “storing it with knowledge”. Naturally, our students are required to learn and retain a body of data, but, crucially, they are also taught to apply critical analysis and creativity to whatever that data might be. Distinctly from other institutions, we at New Shores regard a college education as a time of discovery, where curiosity must be encouraged and the questions should never stop coming. We want our students to be courageous and imaginative, and we recognise that that also means failing – and then learning from failure – in order to achieve even greater success. We demand from our students that they interest themselves in subjects outside the narrow curriculum imposed by more traditional learning establishments: at New Shores, we believe artists learn from scientists, scientists from managers, and managers from artists.

    • Dehradun, India

    Every course we offer is designed with these principles in mind, which is why each programme focuses on improving your practical business skills and understanding of the industry. We will give you the tools and information that you need for professional success, as well as support from industry-focused academics who are at the top of their field. You will also benefit from our extensive career support, which you can rely on for guidance and advice. All of our courses use hands-on teaching methods, such as case studies, visits to exhibitions and businesses, guest speakers and classroom discussions. This means you will gain a practical understanding of how the concepts learned on your programme can be applied in real businesses Our goal is your success: when you graduate, you will soon be able to enter the job market as a highly qualified professional.

    • Rajpura, India

    Chitkara University in Punjab has been founded by Dr. Ashok Chitkara and Dr. Madhu Chitkara, who have been passionate teachers for more than 40 years now. Since its inception, Chitkara University has been different. Our students have been different. So are our faculty, our academic strengths, and our outlook towards teaching and learning. Within a decade, most of our academic programs are ranked in the top 50 programs in the country. Students from around the country are getting attracted to Chitkara University because of our commitment to teaching excellence, focus on research, tailored courses that make our education relevant to changing career dynamics, and formidable industry partnerships.

    • Mumbai, India

    Athena School of Management is India’s Most Exclusive Business School located in the Corporate Hub of Hiranandani Gardens, Powai in Mumbai. Athena focuses on Creating Future Corporate Leaders through Multiple Internships, Global Alliances, In Depth Corporate Connect & Cutting Edge Pedagogy. Athena takes a new look at Management Education, Focusing on a Corporate End User driven Curriculum, Designed and Taught by the best of Corporate India to create the Next Generation of Corporate Leaders. In a Dynamic & Rapidly Evolving Business Environment, we aim to create Future Ready Corporate Leaders & Entrepreneurs who don’t simply adapt to change – They Are the Change! Our Motto is “Consilio Et Animis” which is Latin for “By Wisdom & Courage” – the Two qualities needed for our students to reach the Pinnacle of Success!!

    • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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    Founded in 2006, with 200,000 current and past learners, Eton Institute is the only EAQUALS-accredited language school in the UAE with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and online.

    • Los Angeles, USA
    • Al Jazirah Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates
    • + 1 more

    VCampus is a leading US-based Education Company incorporated in the state of Delaware. VCampus is an eminent education and service provider comprising of a rich portfolio of 'instructor-led' and online courses through its global partners. We offer specialized diplomas and certification programs in fields like IT, Management, Vocational Training, Soft Skills, etc.

    • Brattleboro, USA
    • Washington, USA
    • + 14 more

    SIT Graduate Institute offers internationally focused master's degrees, certificates, and professional development programs in the fields of international education, sustainable development, humanitarian assistance, clime change, and international relations. Since 1964, SIT has been preparing professionals to be successful in intercultural and international environments.

    • Mumbai , India

    The Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) is an advanced research institute established by the Reserve Bank of India for carrying out research on development issues from a multi-disciplinary point of views.