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Costa Rica

Best Universities for Master Programs in Costa Rica 2024

Number of institutions: 29
    • Mercedes, Costa Rica

    EARTH University offers a four-year undergraduate degree in Agricultural Sciences. Our prestigious international faculty focuses on providing an education with a solid scientific and technical foundation, which emphasizes ethical values, entrepreneurship, and environmental and social commitment.

    • San José, Costa Rica

    The International University of the Americas (UIA) is a private university in Costa Rica, founded in 1986, through the National Council for Private University Education (CONESUP). It was the first private university in Costa Rica to be approved by this body. Its main campus is located in the Aranjuez neighborhood, in San José, and it also has an office in the city of Heredia.

    • San José, Costa Rica

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • San José, Costa Rica

    For the past 25 years, thousands of students from around the world have enjoyed the wonderful uniqueness of VERITAS’ Study Abroad experience. A perfect blend between academics and cultural experience set in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Costa Rica.

    • Monterrey, Mexico
    • Buenavista, Mexico
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    Tecnológico de Monterrey is a private, non-profit, independent institution that is not related to political and religious parties. It was founded in 1943 thanks to the vision of the Mexican businessman Eugenio Garza Sada. It has 31 campuses and 21 headquarters and international liaison offices. Its objective is to train leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, human sense and a high level of competitiveness.

    • Cuesta de Moras, Costa Rica

    The Universidad Panamericana was born in Costa Rica in 1988 as the fifth Private University duly authorized before the governing body of private universities CONESUP (Session No. 125-88 of December 17, 1988), as an important alternative that is given to Costa Ricans to develop as true professionals. In our academic offer we have offered instruction to professionals who today stand out as great officials of the private or public sector in careers at the level of Baccalaureate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees such as Law, Architecture, Nursing, Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, English, Preschool, Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Advertising Design, Advertising, among others. Civil Engineering, Advertising Design, Advertising, among others.Civil Engineering, Advertising Design, Advertising, among others. Today our university also makes its way to rural areas, moving the Chair to these places with the opening of Regional Headquarters, so that the inhabitants of all Costa Rica can, have access to our academic professional training and this growth is one more example of the capacity and leadership that characterizes this educational center and, in turn, is the best example of the support and prestige that its students obtain is the best example of the support and prestige that its students obtain

    • San José, Costa Rica

    At a time when it is affirmed that the new generations are opting for lifestyles without major complications, where the fast, the easy and the simple become selection criteria for making their decisions, it becomes even more relevant to highlight those who resist trends and, on the contrary, increasingly opt for quality, seriousness, for consolidated academic bodies, or for seeking prestige and a solid infrastructure, in the selection of their university. At the University of Medical Sciences, UCIMED, we have not only fought for the quality and excellence of our students, but we have made these values ​​a lifestyle and we have them incorporated into our DNA. As its rector, there is nothing that pleases me more than having the national recognition of the authorities, the medical community, health professionals, parents, students, and graduates. This recognition is not only at the national level, it goes much further and is confirmed by the growing number of students from different parts of the region who join our university community, the international organizations with which we sign agreements, or, with the companies that hire our graduates.

    • Cartago Province, Costa Rica

    Receive a warm welcome from the Florencio del Castillo University, which we will now call UCA. Our university is an Academic Institution that was founded in 1995 to satisfy the needs of a population that was looking for different academic options at the university level. Today, more than twenty years later, we remain in the market as a solid university that accepts social and technological changes with maturity and responsibility. Our philosophy has always been customer service, that is, to young people who are the future of a nation willing to change; We are committed to supporting them through a training process of excellence, to achieve their goals and thereby achieve success. Consider, dear visitors, this virtual space as your home. This website was conceived to make your stay with us more pleasant.

    • Geneva, Switzerland
    • San José, Costa Rica
    • + 2 more

    The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) has been training diplomats and other key actors in the multilateral system to strengthen their capacities and knowledge in the practice of diplomacy, and enabling positive change for 60 years. As the training arm of the United Nations, UNITAR provides innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations, and institutions to enhance global decision-making and support country-level action for shaping a better future. Participants who choose UNITAR receive world-class training, and the opportunity to expand the reach of their global networks and increase their career prospects, all whilst learning from practitioners and fellow participants from different cultures and worldviews. Over the past 60 years, UNITAR has acquired unique expertise and experience in designing and delivering a variety of training activities. We have become a leading institute in the provision of customized and creative learning solutions to institutions and individuals from both public and private sectors. With a strategy fully focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UNITAR supports the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

    • San Pedro, Costa Rica

    Our purpose is to contribute substantially to the teaching processes in design, art, business management, and technology, with the intention of supporting the development of the creative industry. By implementing state-of-the-art student-centered educational programs and building alliances with industry leaders, Creative professionals acquire the necessary tools to contribute to the advancement of the innovation society.

    • San Pedro, Costa Rica

    In a world of constant change, I invite you to train like professionals and to always keep up-to-date through continuing education. At our University we always encourage our students to develop active thinking, we stimulate creativity, innovative development, and teamwork, so that our graduates are capable of facing the challenges and accelerated technological changes.

    • San Pedro, Costa Rica

    Our objective To train, through teaching, research, and social projection, highly committed professionals capable of developing in a national and international environment, with a high spirit of research and innovation, solid morality, deep human sensitivity, and a clear vision of the future.

    • San José, Costa Rica

    The FUNDEPOS University is developed in Costa Rica as a result of three historical educational events in the field of economic sciences. The first of these with the arrival of National University in 1983, with headquarters in San Diego, California, USA, which instituted the first Professional Master's program in Business Administration in the country. The second historical moment occurred in 1993 when this program was transferred, in terms of its administration, to the University of Costa Rica (UCR). For this purpose, the Foundation for Postgraduate Studies and Research in Economic Sciences (FUNDEPOS) was created.

    • Heredia, Costa Rica

    The UNA is preceded by the Escuela Normal de Costa Rica (1914), dedicated to the training of teachers, and the Escuela Normal Superior (1968), whose commitment was the training of high school teachers. From both institutions, he inherited not only the infrastructure but also a pedagogical culture that would later affect his educational-teaching and humanistic vocation. When UNA was created, the Pérez Zeledón and Liberia Normal Schools became regional sections of the new state university.

    • San José, Costa Rica

    Due to its prestige and trajectory, the Castro Carazo University is called to guarantee, to all people, without distinction of ethnic origin, sex, age, different abilities, social condition, health conditions, religion, opinions, preferences, or marital status, the access to quality environments for teaching and learning. Through a pertinent and effective higher education, the Castro Carazo University aims to contribute to individual and collective well-being, developing in its students the ability to achieve their dreams, professional goals, and full intellectual potential. Likewise, it empowers them to assume their joint responsibility, as enterprising, productive, creative, and ethical citizens, in a changing and multicultural world. For this, the Castro Carazo University offers formal and non-formal programs of general, occupational and environmental conservation education. It also provides student development and support services to ensure the success of its students in their life plans.