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Best Universities for Master Programs in Colombia 2024

Number of institutions: 148
    • Bogotá, Colombia

    Universidad de los Andes - Uniandes, is the leading university in Colombia, ranks consistently among the 10 best universities in Latam, the 200 best universities in the world, and the best 30 private universities. Uniandes offers bachelors, masters, and PhD programs in the areas of technology, engineering, economics, management, medicine, arts, and natural and social sciences.

    • Rionegro, Colombia

    In 1996, the Colombian Ministry of National Education and the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education - Icfes, through Resolution 2661, granted the Remington Organization legal status as a university institution, giving rise to the Remington University Corporation.

    • Popayán, Colombia

    The Universidad del Cauca was created in Popayán as a University of the Third District by decree of April 24, 1827. On April 5, 2013, the Ministry of National Education granted the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation for a period of 6 years already Through Resolution 6218 of June 13, 2019, it renewed said Institutional Accreditation for a period of eight years.

    • Barranquilla, Colombia

    The University of the Coast, CUC, has the mission of forming an integral citizen under the principle of freedom of thought and ideological pluralism, with a high sense of responsibility in the permanent search for academic and investigative excellence, using the development of science, technology, technology, and culture.

    • Jamundí, Colombia

    The Autonomous University of the West is an Institution of Higher Education that, in accordance with the provisions of Law 30 of 1992 and the other legal regulations, can carry out undergraduate, postgraduate, research, continuing education, and projection academic programs to the community.

    • SANTANDER, Colombia

    The Technological Units of Santander are a public establishment of the departmental order, which is dedicated to the training of people with an ethical sense, critical thinking, and an entrepreneurial attitude, through quality processes in teaching, research, and extension to contribute to socio-economic development. economic, scientific, technological, environmental, and cultural of the society.

    • Bogotá, Colombia

    We are a Higher Education Institution with a military focus that intends to fully train logistics professionals, critical citizens with a broad social, ethical, and political sense. We perfect investigative competencies and entrepreneurial spirit, supported by advances in science & technology, contributing to the structural and functional development of logistics in Colombia.

    • Bogotá, Colombia

    Military communications within the conformation of our Army, have transcendental importance with the passing of the years and the arrival of events that frame the history of our country and the world in general, in a cluster of facts that saw their technology in technology. great opportunity for development and change for the benefit of humanity, this is how military communications have been throughout history the essential element of the command, coordination, and development of military operations that have become the foundation of great victories and Likewise, they have allowed modern conflicts to decide on the proper use of electronic media, which facilitate anticipating the intentions and actions of the adversary.

    • Armenia, Colombia

    The SOCIAL PROJECTION expresses the permanent and direct relationship that the EAM maintains with society; It is carried out through interactive programs with the productive sectors and social actors; through programs and activities of various kinds (academic, artistic, social, and technological), consulting and advising, continuing education and social service interventions to the community.

    • Cundinamarca, Colombia

    The San José FESSANJOSE Higher Education Foundation's mission is to train comprehensive professionals, from a humanistic approach with a critical, social, and sensitive sense to the principles of equity and ethical values. In this way, the development of substantive and educational quality in the institution.

    • Barranquilla, Colombia

    The Polytechnic Corporation of the Atlantic Coast is a responsible institution, with ethical and transparent principles that develop its substantive functions from an educational model, preferably through propaedeutic cycles, focused on human development, guaranteeing the integral formation of thinking, analytical, critical beings, with an entrepreneurial spirit, for the construction of a just, inclusive, sustainable, democratic, supportive and respectful society of human dignity.

    • Bogotá, Colombia

    The Escuela de Español Nueva Lengua en Colombia offers Spanish courses in Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellín and in a natural reserve near Guaduas. If you are looking for a quality Spanish course in a cozy and friendly school, with professional teachers, if you want to study Spanish and travel making new friends while you meet and enjoy culture, music, gastronomy, museums, and nature walks; then the New Language Spanish School in Colombia is for you. Our program has been developed following the strictest international guidelines for language teaching. Nueva Lengua is internationally recognized for its quality and service and since 2003 young people and adults from almost a hundred countries have studied with us. We have a wide variety of courses and we start classes every week at all levels. From the first day, you will feel welcomed, welcomed, and supported in this experience of learning Spanish while traveling.

    • Cali, Colombia

    The National School of Sports is a State University Institution, committed to the integral formation of the human being to contribute to the development of the country, through the generation, transformation, and application of knowledge in the fields of sports, health, and education. administration and the economy, based on principles and values ​​that promote respect for human dignity, sustainable development, coexistence, and improvement of the quality of life of society.

    • Bogotá, Colombia

    The University will be distinguished by: The training of professionals with sensitivity and social responsibility. The contribution to integral and sustainable human development. The commitment to the democratization of knowledge. The generation of knowledge that transforms the structures of Colombian society

    • Cundinamarca, Colombia

    I feel enormous pride in welcoming you all to Konrad Lorenz University’s website, it is a Colombian nonprofit private higher learning institution dedicated since 1981 to the pursuit, preservation, and dissemination of cultural and scientific knowledge. Here, you can get updated information about the projects being carried out by the university in issues such as teaching, research, and social impact ones; university policies and general regulations that guide our running; the undergraduate, graduate, and master programs as well as the continuing education courses offered by the university; scholar, sport, cultural and social activities. You can also check our library catalog and the full text of some of our scientific writings. If you are a university member you can access our database, check what is on the virtual platform, enroll assignments, check grades, be part of the institutional assessment processes, make online payments, among others. If you are a first-time user, please watch our institutional video so in a guided and brief way you can see how things are one at Konrad Lorenz, what we have to offer, and what it means to be a member of our institution.