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Best Universities for Master Programs in Chile 2024

Number of institutions: 64
    • Trece Norte, Chile

    World wide Chile is a multidisciplinary team where the love for our country is the driving force to provide unique experiences to those who visit us focusing on transmitting the wealth of Chile through cultural immersion programs which show Chile and its people as it is. This has been the mechanism that has allowed us for more than 10 years to provide unique experiences that have strengthened the visitor's learning and ties with our culture, achieving solid relationships between foreigners and Chileans. The options that allow us to achieve this goal are the various internship, volunteer, study and travel programs that our visitors take during their stay in our country.

    • Providencia, Chile

    Study abroad at prestigious universities and language schools ViveCampus is the leading agency representing educational institutions globally Present in several countries, ViveCampus officially represents hundreds of programs available to international students. We help you for free throughout the registration process and you make payments directly to the institutions. English courses, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in countries such as: Australia, Canada, United States, England, Ireland, New Zealand, among other destinations. On our site you will find information about the dates and costs of the programs during 2021 - 2022. In Chile, ViveCampus has an office located in Santiago, where we can help you with all your questions via email, chat or telephone. We also attend study abroad fairs, which are generally held in the city of Santiago, Chile.

    • Providencia, Chile

    We are a participatory University made up of workers, students and graduates, autonomous and independent, pluralistic and committed to the public. We contribute critically to the development of knowledge of the Social Sciences, the Arts, the Humanities, Pedagogy and other areas of knowledge and scientific and professional work, in the fields of teaching, research, artistic creation and connection with the environment, in accordance with the requirements of a global world that is viewed from Latin America and that contributes at the local, regional and national scales. We train graduates and professionals of excellence with an interdisciplinary perspective, committed to inclusion and social transformation, with the promotion and defense of human rights, democracy and justice.

    • Huechuraba, Chile

    The Universidad Mayor's mission is to train people through an educational experience that encourages ethical behavior, an attitude of entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and respect for cultural and social diversity. To do this, it teaches undergraduate and graduate programs of excellence and carries out activities for the generation, articulation, and dissemination of knowledge that contribute to the national community in the cultural, educational, social, and economic spheres, considering the context of a global world and the norms of the scientific rigor.

    • La Serena, Chile

    The Mission of the University of La Serena's mission is to cultivate, generate, develop and transmit superior knowledge in the various areas of knowledge and domains of culture, through teaching, research, creation, innovation, university extension, and link with the environment. As its own and distinctive feature of its mission, the University of La Serena must contribute to meeting the needs of the general interests of society, collaborating, as an integral part of the State, in all those policies, plans, and programs that promote cultural development, social, territorial, artistic, scientific, technological, economic and sustainable in the country, at the national and regional level, with an intercultural perspective. Likewise, as a constitutive and unavoidable element of its mission, the University must assume with a vocation of excellence the training of people with a critical and reflective spirit, who promote rational dialogue and tolerance, and who contribute to forging citizenship inspired by ethical values, democratic, civic and social solidarity, respectful of human rights, gender equality, indigenous peoples and the environment. The University must promote that its students have a connection with the requirements and challenges of the country and its region during their professional training. The University of La Serena recognizes, promotes, and incorporates as part of its work the worldview of the native peoples settled in its area of ​​regional influence.

    • Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

    The Bernardo O'Higgins University is a private autonomous Chilean university, founded in March 1990 and inspired by O'Higginian thought. Its central house is located next to Parque O'Higgins, in the commune of Santiago. It is currently accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (CNA-Chile) for a period of 4 years (of a maximum of 7), from July 2018 to July 2022. It is ranked 35 among Chilean universities according to the CSIC webometric classification (July 2017). It is also in the 27th position in the general ranking, and 10th among non-Cruch private universities according to AméricaEconomía 2019. Within the Chilean universities it is also ranked 13th among all the country's universities; 55th in Latin America and 5th among the Chilean private Ues in the Scimago Institution Rankings 2020. Likewise, in cooperation with each of the dimensions that make up the institution, and which is part of the constant commitment to the pursuit of excellence in Higher Education, the Bernardo O'Higgins University ascribes to Gratuity 2021.

    • Los Andes, Chile

    The Libertador de Los Andes Professional Institute is an institution of Higher Education that was authorized to operate on December 22, 1981, by the Ministry of Education through Exempt Decree No. 292, which was updated on June 8, 1993. Being the first institute of Higher Education to be founded at the regional level and the second at the country level. On June 27, 2003, the IPLA obtained full autonomy to grant all kinds of professional titles in accordance with the legislation that governs it.

    • Providencia, Chile

    About Learn Chile Learn Chile is a network of higher education institutions, made up of more than twenty universities and professional technical training institutes supported by the State of Chile through ProChile, with the aim of promoting the internationalization of the academic offer of Chile and promoting the country as an excellent destination for international students. Learn Chile was born in 2013, being the main Chilean network for the promotion of tertiary education at an international level. It has been presented as a success story in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Colombia.

    • Viña del Mar, Chile

    The Modern School of Music and Dance was founded in 1940 by the pianists Elena Waiss and René Amengual, who radically modified musical education in Chile through the establishment of standardized curricula, programs, and assessment systems, thus generating an academic context for training. of musicians in the country. In its beginnings, the Modern School of Music and Dance taught piano, harmony, and theory classes as well as viola and violin, under the direction of maestro Zoltan Fischer. During this time, advanced systems were introduced -such as the Arrau technique on piano-, the repertoire was expanded and the importance of the original score was emphasized, establishing a contemporary sense of performance that continues to this day. Since then, the musicians of the Modern School receive training that allows them to face with excellence any scenario in Chile or abroad.

    • Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

    Since its founding in 1968, as the “Workers and Peasants University Department”, Duoc UC has come a long way of consolidation to become one of the key institutions in Higher Technical Professional Education in Chile. With more than 50 years of history and the highest institutional accreditation for seven years, all who are part of Duoc UC can proudly say that thousands of technicians and professionals, who today contribute to the economic development of Chile, have been trained in one of the 9 schools and more than 70 current careers, present in its 18 headquarters in the Metropolitan Region, Valparaíso, Biobío, La Araucanía, and Los Lagos. Duoc students The educational project of Duoc UC that offers a Christian and integral formation, allows its students to develop their capacities, competencies, and values ​​to the maximum, turning them into better people and professionals prepared to be inserted in the global society. The path of excellence that Duoc UC wants to follow is marked by education centered on people, the contribution to the development of the country, the connection with the environment, and the constant search for social transformation.

    • Santiago, Chile

    The Technological University of Chile INACAP is part of the University subsystem, it is accredited for 3 years in the areas of Institutional Management, Undergraduate Teaching and Connection with the Environment.

    • Providencia, Chile

    The Heidelberg Center for Latin America, Center of Excellence in Research and Teaching, is the Postgraduate Center of the University of Heidelberg in Latin America. It was founded as the first and only postgraduate center of a German university in Latin America and officially inaugurated in Santiago de Chile on April 9, 2002. The Center is conceived as an institution at the service of academic-scientific dialogue and its objective is to organize, promote and direct Doctorate, Master and Diploma programs, which it offers in alliance with prestigious Latin American universities such as the University of Chile, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, among others. It also organizes and conducts specialization seminars, Symposia, Summer Schools in different disciplines, seeking to transmit the results of German research and study content to the countries of the region. In addition, from its headquarters in Santiago de Chile, the Heidelberg Center serves as a platform for scientific cooperation with other research institutions or universities in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. Since 2009 and after winning a prestigious competition for academic quality, organized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and with funds from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Heidelberg Center (HCLA) became a Center of Excellence. It is globally one of the four Centers of Excellence in Research and Teaching of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    • Viña del Mar, Chile

    The Chilean Navy's fundamental mission is to participate in the foreign security and military defense of the country, in safeguarding its sovereignty and territorial integrity. In peacetime, it contributes to promoting national interests abroad and promoting national development. The Navy is a training institution for professionals, innovative in cutting-edge technology and tactics, flexible to changes and challenges, and solid in terms of principles and values, which develops and prepares to use its resources to benefit the best interests of all the Chileans.

    • Concepción, Chile

    The Virginio Gómez Professional Institute is a solid institution of Higher Education born under the wing of the University of Concepción, with a presence in the cities of Concepción, Chillán and Los Angeles, with the challenge of responding to the country's need to have highly professional technicians. trained to promote regional and national development. It currently has 9 thousand students and more than 28 thousand graduates who seek to conquer their dreams. To support them, and fulfill our objective, we continually develop quality assurance mechanisms, permanently linking us with society, the environment and the productive sector, in such a way that the curricular bodies of the programs taught go hand in hand with the needs of the society. This encourages us to be versatile and adapt to changes, not only by training highly trained workers, but also by betting on the development of people highlighting values ​​such as respect, responsibility, commitment, service orientation and quality within our educational strategy.

    • Alcobendas, Spain
    • Buenavista, Mexico
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    Structuralia is a specialized engineering, infrastructure, energy, building, and new technology graduate education school with the strong conviction that continuous quality training is vital for the professional development of engineers and architects.