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Why Study Business & IT Management in France?

France has a reputation for history and romance, but it is also at the cutting edge of pioneering technology fields, with its researchers and entrepreneurs making breakthroughs in fields such as AI, cancer research, energy, physics, and more. This makes it an excellent study destination for students and graduates studying and working in high-tech fields. Let's take a look at why France is an excellent place to study technology and one school, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, which is developing the graduates of tomorrow.

Mar 24, 2023
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France has a long tradition of innovation, going back hundreds of years. French inventors were pivotal in the development of photography, the internal combustion engine, the parachute, fridges, and the neon lamp. French industry has also pioneered the development of high-speed transport, notably the supersonic Concorde and the TGV high-speed train, both envies of the world.

According to Speed Invest, the French startup ecosystem was worth a staggering $89 billion in 2021, with $5 billion in total early-stage funding. Paris' metropolitan area is home to 12,000 startups, more than both London and Berlin. Moreover, there was $11.5 billion of venture capital invested in tech companies in 2021, more than a 140 percent increase year-on-year.

Yet this European nation is not resting on its laurels. Already a leader in technology, it is set to accelerate yet further. The French government has unveiled the (AIF) Alliance for the Industry of the Future, which brings together public and private industrial associations with the goal of digitally transformation and modernization of production schemes of small and medium industries, as well as developing super-fast internet. President Emmanuel Macron’s ambition is to establish France as the leader in the global economy, whether digital or smart. So it’s an excellent time to study technology and business in France, with a plethora of opportunities for graduates.

To help this dream come to reality, it has proposed 10 solutions for the new French industrial era:

  • New resources
  • Sustainable cities
  • Ecological mobility
  • Transport of the future
  • Medicine of the future
  • Data economy
  • Smart objects
  • Digital trust
  • Smart feeding
  • Industry of the future

One higher education institution at the forefront of all of these areas and more is Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMT-BS). A part of the IMT group, the leading group of engineering and management schools in France, the school develops students into innovative and agile managers, able to lead in a digital world. Located near Paris, IMT-BS welcomes around 1500 students annually, 21% of whom are international students.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should join IMT-BS:

1. A place where two cultures meet

IMT-BS is a place where both the cultures of engineering and management meet, equipping IMT-BS students and graduates with the perfect mix of skills at the intersection of these two tightly linked fields. Indeed, the campus is shared with an engineering school, which also a member of the IMT group. In both fields, there are also lots of webinars, industry speakers, workshops, industry and research projects, and more, providing excellent opportunities for learning and networking. Evolving in this two-fold culture is an ideal environment to master in-demand skills, such as management, digital proficiency, international business, and gain a more competitive profile in the job market.

2. Renowned school

If you attend IMT-BS, you will graduate from a public and renowned school with a state-certified degree. IMT-BS is ranked among the best French and European business schools every year, with it recently earning accolades as a top 20 French business school (Financial Times 2022) and in the top 100 for Business Masters worldwide (QS 2022). IMT-BS is also accredited by AACSB and AMBA, the world’s leading authorities on postgraduate business education, demonstrating its continuing commitment to excellence in management education.

Testament to the education and link with industry, the School has the most cost-effective education in regards to its graduates’ careers (best ratio between the cost of tuition fees and the salary upon graduation) among French business schools, according to the Financial Times.

3. Vibrant student life

With the six-hectare campus near Paris, students can enjoy their eventful daily life with ease and comfort. The institution boasts over 60 clubs and associations; various sports facilities (for example tennis, basketball, football, a well-equipped gym); monthly student events (shows, concerts, trips, and conferences); and comfortable and affordable on-campus housing (around 900 individual units).

4. Welcoming culture

With 21% of the student body being international students, IMT-BS has a 40-year-long tradition of a welcoming, inclusive learning community for people from all corners of the world. This is illustrated by the fact it was recently granted the 'Bienvenue en France' designation by Campus France (a public institution in charge of encouraging international mobility), becoming among the first French universities to be so recognized for its ability to accommodate new international students. The primary goal of IMT-BS’ student union, Association Welcom', is to welcome and care for international students all year long.

5. Live a once in a lifetime experience in France

All the sights of the ‘City of Light’, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre-Dame Cathedral, are within easy reach of IMT-BS, with central Paris just around 40 minutes away by train. So you can explore France’s heritage, history, culture and gastronomy during the weekends (and evenings). Studying in France is also an opportunity to fine-tune your French. At IMT-BS, you can join the Tandem programme, where you pick your language partner (a French student on the campus) and interact with her/him in French and English daily so you can both improve your respective language abilities.

So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your career by gaining in-demand skills in innovation hub Paris, France. Become the innovative manager our digital world needs by joining Institut Mines-Telecom Business School!

Choose among three programs to gain in-demand skills:

Master in Management.
Master of Science - International Management.
Master of Science - Innovation in the Digital Economy.

Article written in association with Institut Mines-Télécom Business School.

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