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Why Study Big Data Management in Ireland

Big data management has become an invaluable process for today’s biggest and most ambitious businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. Where should you study big data management? Read on to learn about one country that's at the forefront of this growing field.

Apr 29, 2018
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Why Study Big Data Management in Ireland

Big data management has become an invaluable process for today’s biggest and most ambitious businesses, government agencies, and other organizations.

Big data project managers lead the way in creating strategies for the storage, organization, and governance of thousands of gigabytes of incoming data. This data must be kept safely and legally while being easily locatable to the analysts and visionaries who wish to optimize it.

As data analysis becomes a bigger and bigger deal, it’s no wonder the job market is struggling to keep up with demand – and that education programs focused on big data management are becoming ever more sophisticated.

Why big data is a hot topic now

Big data means big potential for predictive analytics. A business may use this data to plan cities, production numbers, or sales targets; in each case, the analysis of user behavior on this scale can save vast amounts of time, money, and energy, as well as revealing new problem-solving approaches.

There are few if any sectors that haven’t been touched by the big data revolution, and more businesses are finding their digital niche day by day. From vacuum cleaners to airlines, fast-food delivery to irrigation systems for developing countries, big data is becoming an increasingly vital element to getting the job done – with the result that unimaginable amounts of data are being generated and stored at an ever-increasing rate.

That’s why so many companies are investing significant amounts of money in big data infrastructure right now, and starting to anticipate a return on that investment. Predictive analytics is seen as a fundamental 21st-century business tool for which the engine is an elegantly designed and well-maintained big data management strategy.

Why you should study this topic in Ireland

‘More and more companies are investing heavily in their data analytics infrastructure and teams globally, and Ireland is seen as a leader and hub in this field,’ reports Laura Kennedy, Head of Data Science & Digital Consulting at Next Generation Recruitment.

‘Dublin is the site of numerous global analytics hubs for major multinationals like Deutsche Bank, [and] our indigenous startups have been on the cusp of this, too.’

It goes all the way to the top. The Irish Government has identified big data as an area where Ireland has clear advantages over other countries. The state continues to invest a significant amount of money in big data research projects, eager to capitalize on Ireland’s potential for increased job opportunities and growth in the ICT sector and beyond.

What’s more, Ireland provides the unique opportunity to study big data management at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Dublin – with the option to switch between IUBH campuses in Berlin and Bad Honnef in Germany, too. The digital age makes international experience and contacts more crucial than ever, which is why graduates from all over Europe, Central and South America, and Asia, are making their way to Dublin to master their skills and knowledge.

To that end, IUBH University of Applied Sciences looks beyond study opportunities and offers students a chance to gain real-world experience. IUBH students participate in a university facilitated study and work program. Students are matched with appropriate employers and earn a salary that can cover their tuition. These study and work opportunities can be completed during the summer term (May-September), allowing students to focus on their coursework and gain valuable experience. This means that once their studies are completed, students will be prepared to enter the job market, and under Irish law, non-EU students can stay in Ireland and work for two years after they complete their master’s degree.

And, whether they stay to work in Ireland or seek employment on the global market these students will benefit from association with the internationally-recognized IUBH brand. As businesses worldwide continue to expand their big data prospects, many will be looking to graduates of IUBH data science programs to guide their companies towards the future.

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