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Sweden Travel Guide for Students

Dreaming of exploring your new study destination? Our Sweden travel guide will walk you through all tips and tricks for budget travel as a student.

Mar 25, 2024
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Sweden travel guide for students

Travel locally in Sweden

In Sweden, you just need to buy one local public ticket, and it covers all forms of transport in that designated zone (one notable exception is airport transport - you usually need to purchase a separate bus/train ticket for those).

You can purchase and keep your public transport tickets on your mobile phone. Student discounts on transport are widely available.

Here are some local public transport apps you can download:

  • SL: to get around the Stockholm County
  • Skånetrafiken: for travel within Skåne County (and to purchase tickets to Copenhagen)
  • Trafikgoteborg: for travel within Gothenburg
  • SJ: SJ is the national train company
  • Flixbus: long-distance travel via bus

Exploring Sweden on a budget

Here are some suggestions on inexpensive options for experiencing Sweden:

  • Take advantage of SJ's Last Minute deals to save on train tickets
  • Consider renting a bike via CityBike if you're visiting a new city
  • Visit museums in Stockholm for free, and explore the city with free guided walking tours
  • Avoid dinners at sit-down restaurants, check out the local saluhall (market hall) for more affordable tasty meals
  • Discover Gothenburg's Naturhistoriska Museum - entry is free!
  • Take a walk Sweden's national parks
  • Participate in fika (coffee break), an iconic Swedish tradition
  • Try out tunnbrödsrulle, the staple of Swedish street food

Take advantage of student discounts

Sweden is very student-friendly, and many companies offer student discounts. It's a good idea to always bring your student card (StudentKort) when you go out, in case you spot a nice deal!

When in a store, always keep a lookout for a separate price tag for students. You can also ask the employees working there if nothing is listed specifically.

But to get you started, here are some common places that offer student discounts:

International travel

Sweden is an excellent choice if you're planning on exploring Europe while pursuing your Master's studies.

As a member of the EU and the Schengen Area, Sweden offers the advantage of borderless travel, allowing easy access to numerous European destinations.

The country is well-connected to other European nations through an extensive network of buses, trains, and flights, facilitating convenient travel across the continent.

Here are some popular international travel destinations from Sweden from Malmö:

CityTravel viaPrice
CopenhagenTrainSEK 135-145
HamburgPlaneSEK 600-750
ViennaPlaneSEK 190-200
ManchesterPlaneSEK 600-800
GdanskPlaneSEK 150-250


Sweden is not just a study destination, but a gateway to a plethora of experiences and opportunities. Immerse yourself in a society known for its openness, innovation, and quality of life.

So, pack your bags, bring your curiosity and dreams, and embark on an adventure that will transform your life in ways you never imagined. Welcome to Sweden – where your future begins.

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