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Seven Fields of Study That Are Booming Right Now

Want to go into the next hottest field? Consider this list of possibilities of careers for the future.

Nov 25, 2018
  • Education
Seven Fields of Study That Are Booming Right Now

You are told repeatedly: follow your passions. But will your passions get you a job? Maybe. Maybe not. If you are unsure what to study and when, consider your timing. You are a student during the middle of one of the biggest tech revolutions in history. Think about that. Some fields are more in-demand than others.

Not sure what to study? Want to study something a near-guaranteed career path? From renewable energy to healthcare and the latest trends in finance, take a look at some of these fun majors:

1. Renewable energy

Want to make a difference on a burning planet? Consider the field of renewable energy.

While fossil fuels are still in use around the world, green energy is booming. As the world embraces electric cars and solar panels, renewable energy has become a massive source of jobs.

Projected growth for wind technology, or 'windtech', is 108 percent by 2024. Environmental and civil engineering is also expected to grow by 8-12 percent in the next six years, adding at least another 20,000 jobs to the economy.

2. Mobility technology

Self-driving vehicles are no longer a thing of the future. They are here and they are not leaving. Many auto manufacturers and transportation companies are working on developing efficient autonomous vehicles. What does that mean? Engineers, designers, and automotive technicians will be in high-demand -- especially those on the cutting edge.

3. Finance

With the advent of fintech and cryptocurrency, the finance field has no shortage of demand. In fact, actuaries are on track to be in high demand -- and they command a high salary to boot.

As more companies change their salary and pension structures, employees will need help planning for retirement, saving, and investing. If you are into numbers, technology, and working with people, consider a career in finance.

The rapid changes in technology constantly require the expertise of financial experts. That could be you!

4. Information technology

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts nearly a 12 percent increase in information technology jobs by 2024. That's about half a million new jobs.

If you are already a bit of a techie, get in on the cutting-edge fields of cloud computing, big data, and computer science. What do you need? A bachelor's degree in computer science will help you the most, but you can also work as a software developer, a programmer, or a project manager. There's plenty of room for more innovation in the field of information technology!

5. Healthcare

With a nearly 20 percent increase in demand expected by 2024, the healthcare industry will require over two million additional highly qualified and trained personnel. It's not just doctors and nurses, either, although there's an expected shortage there, too. Included in this demand are ultrasound technologists, dental hygienists, MRI technologists, and radiation therapists.

Healthcare is booming and will continue to be for quite a while -- if you're interested in the field, get in now!

6. Occupational therapy

Want to do some good and work with people?

In the medical field, occupational therapy is one of those careers that is in high demand everywhere. What do occupational therapists do? They help people develop --and often re-learn -- how to do tasks that allow them to lead independent lives.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 24 percent increase in demand in the next decade, with an average median pay of at least $40 per hour.

Typically occupational therapists have full-time jobs within six months of graduation.

7. Tourism and hospitality

By 2024, the hospitality and leisure industry will create over 340 million new jobs. Countries the world over need highly trained workers in the hospitality and leisure industry. Why? By 2030, there are an expected 1.8 billion international tourists. That's right: billions of people traveling for leisure. That means the industry needs people to work in hotels, restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues.

Want to work in a booming industry? Check out hospitality and leisure. If travel is your thing, this could be the field for you!

These pathways are big and there are lots of options within them. Find something you are passionate about and go for it!