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6 Cheap Cities in Germany For International Master's Students

Germany is an excellent destination for international master's students. We pick some of the country's affordable cities when considering studying abroad.

Jun 30, 2023
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Considering housing and quality of life, here are our six cheap cities for international students.


Dresden is a beautiful city to study in Germany, known for its traditions, culture, and job opportunities. The city is a hub for expats and international students. The average cost of living for students is $1445. The average student rent in Dresden is $1,000.


Frankfurt is an excellent city for international master's students looking for a cheap place to live in Germany. Frankfurt is a business and financial hub, with some of the country's largest banks headquartered there. Frankfurt is an attractive option for master's students studying finance and business because there will be plenty of internship and networking opportunities.

The average cost of living in Frankfurt for students is $1740, and the average student rent is $1,200.

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With glorious boat trips on its canals and known for its arts and history, Leipzig is an excellent destination for international master's students. The city has a thriving student population, with over 15 universities. The average cost of living in Leipzig for students is $690.


Hamburg is Germany's third biggest city. With buzzy cafes, plenty of green space, music venues, fashion, and known for football, it's a popular choice for students. The cost of living in Hamburg for students is $1245, and the average student rent is $800.


The city is a student town known to Francophones as Aix-la-Chapelle, a blend of thermal waters and Christmas markets. There's much history, including Aachen's cathedral, built on Roman foundations, and a Unesco World Heritage site. A one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center costs approximately $483.13 a month.


Lueneburg is located about 45km from Hamburg. It is a vibrant university town with its lavish 13th and 14th-century churches, St John's, St Michael's, and St Nicolai, the beautiful baroque Main Square, and the medieval monastery. The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city is $649 a month.

We hope our list of cities has inspired you to explore Germany when looking to study abroad for your master's degree.

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