1. It’s a technology and innovation hub

France is an innovation powerhouse. But one destination that leads the pack in terms of innovation? Montpellier. France’s third-largest Mediterranean city, it’s been hailed by Silicon Republic as “the Silicon Valley of the South of France.” 

It’s also home to Montpellier Business School. While Montpellier Business School may be one of Europe’s oldest management schools, it exemplifies the region’s commitment to innovation. Holding the three prestigious international accreditations AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, along with just one percent of business schools in the world, Montpellier Business School’s South of France location adds to its appeal for business students looking to position themselves on the cutting-edge. 

2. It’s an international environment

In addition to being pro-innovation, the South of France is also celebrated for being pro-international, and Montpellier is a leader here, too. France’s seventh-largest city, Montpellier is known for being one of the country’s most cosmopolitan cities with a vibrant and diverse population. Not only do students make up more than a third of the city’s residents, but international students account for one out of every seven students. 

There’s no better example of Montpellier’s international spirit than Montpellier Business School. Open to French and foreign talent alike, it comprises more than 1,000 international students representing more than 70 nationalities, while its faculty is also 60 percent international. Factor in more than 180 partner universities, and it is not surprising that Montpellier Business School claimed QS’s top spot for diversity in 2019. Both its Bachelor and Master programmes, meanwhile, are available in both English and French. 

But why take our word for it when you can hear from the students themselves? Sofia, a French student on the Bachelor of International Business Administration program, says, “There is a very multicultural dimension on campus and I enjoyed it all along my Bachelor. During my 2nd year, I also traveled abroad to do my 6-month internship in New York, as a Designer/Production Assistant in the luxury sector.”

Meanwhile, Federica, an MSc in Finance student from Italy, says, “The courses are very different from those that I could have taken in Italy! We do a lot of group work. The teaching method is very communicative with an action-oriented approach.”

3. It’s a great place for entrepreneurs

The South of France’s commitment to innovation supports a vibrant startup ecosystem that is especially friendly to entrepreneurs. Montpellier, in particular, is known for its robust startup culture, including laying claim to one of Europe’s first start-up incubators, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Business and Innovation Centre (BIC). Established nearly 40 years ago, it's accelerated the creation and emergence of many innovative companies through partnerships with its network of business and institutional partners, incubators, investors and business angels, universities, and research labs. Today, it consistently ranks within UBI Global’s top five startup incubators in the world!

Montpellier Business School is situated at the heart of it all. The School has its own incubator called MBS Entrepreneurship Center, which helps students nurture their entrepreneurial knowledge and support project promoters from ideas to funding. 

4. You can’t beat the quality of life

When it comes to having time to spare, there’s no better place than in the South of France. Start with short mild winters and 300 days of sunshine a year and add in charming villages, ancient architecture, melting pot of cultures, exquisite food, dynamic nightlife, legacy of art and a plum Mediterranean location, and the South of France is an undeniable quality of life winner. There’s a reason why so many towns in the South of France are perennial picks on “best places to live” roundups. 

Montpellier, in particular, has garnered more than its share of attention lately. Metro recently raved, “With its heady mix of history, art, antiquities and sunshine, Montpellier is easily the most seductive city in the French south with everything from regional fine-dining and small, modern wine bars to ancient boulevards and glowing tree-lined esplanades. Throw in a few futuristic municipal buildings and its thriving hotbed status for student activity and Montpellier might just be France’s most forward-looking city.”

5. It’s appealingly accessible

Montpellier is also remarkably accessible to many major cities in France and Europe thanks to The Montpellier Méditerranée International Airport, located just eight kilometers away from the city center, as well as the high -speed train (TGV) on the Paris - Lyon - Perpignan - Barcelona line and bus. Montpellier is also located 2 hours by plane from London. So if you’re eager to travel during your study abroad experience, then Montpellier is a great choice. 

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Article written in association with Montpellier Business School