If you are interested in human resources, make sure you get some international experience. Why? It’s critical for your success in the business world. Let’s take a closer look at why you need international experience for your career in human resources -- and where to get it.

The key to success in nearly any field is relationships. Building, sustaining, and encouraging strong working relationships in any organization or business requires putting the right combinations of people together for the right task.

What does this mean? It means that successful organizations and companies rely on strong human resource professionals who know how to maximize human capital for the overall benefit of the organization -- and hopefully the benefit of the people involved, too.

Human resource (HR) managers know how to manage people from a variety of backgrounds and experience, knowledge and skill.

Some benefits of working in HR are that it consistently rates among the highest in best career choices, based on its expected job growth, earnings potential, creativity, and flexibility.

Let’s take a closer look at three reasons international experience for HR careers is important -- and where you can get that experience.

1. Businesses are increasingly international

One of the biggest gaps in the field of HR is international experience. As more businesses enter the global marketplace, the need for HR professionals who can navigate the international world of recruitment and relationship building has grown.

Many businesses want and need HR professionals who are willing to understand, seek, and recruit international talent so they can compete in today's increasingly globalised world.

Will you be one of those professionals?

2.  You will build your skill set

International HR lends itself to a skill set that isn't on your radar yet.  Why? There are no ready-made solutions to problems that you encounter domestically.

Skills you'll develop are being flexible and adaptable to finding solutions to problems you didn’t even know existed. The ability to make decisions in a consistently evolving environment. Application of all skills across the international spectrum. 

There is also understanding the legal ins and outs of recruiting talent on an international scale? See #3.

3.  You will understand other cultures

And you’ll need to if you want to succeed. Understanding commonalities and differences as assets -- and leveraging those in a human resource capacity will serve you and the company or organization where you work well.

You will understand how, when, where, and why to approach other businesses and potential employees with cultural grace and dignity — and that goes a long way in developing positive working relationships.

One place to learn all these things is Bologna Business School.

Bologna Business School’s full-time, 12-month Master in Human Resources and Organization offers a top-notch, flexible program where you will learn about the theories, research, and tools of the international world of human resources.

The business school of the University of Bologna, founded in 1088, ranks among the most innovative in Europe, the most reputable in Italy, and is the one with the most focus on industry and internationalization. Also, the city, in northern Italy, is at the heart of European culture, art, and history.

The program has an international focus, with opportunities to collaborate with professors, companies, and managers within international business and international human resources.

Offered entirely in English, the master’s degree incorporates interactive lessons, meetings, group assignments, in-company workshops, and a three- or four-month final internship that gives students the opportunity to put their new knowledge to the test.

Coursework starts with an in-depth look at business and regulations. Students learn about global strategy, strategic accounting, corporate and labor law, labor policy, and industrial relations to start.

After the basics, students move on to learn more about organizational theory and design, along with human resource theory, recruitment, professional development, and performance management, as they learn about the international world of human resource management.

Students then move on to daily workshops at ten leading international companies, project work, and career development.

At Bologna Business School, you work with a qualified career counselor to help you figure out best practices and discover the direction in which you want your career to move.

Read more about the Master of HR and Organization at Bologna Business School here.