A business degree can offer an invaluable inside edge not only to the job of your dreams, but also to career advancement and personal fulfillment. But all business degrees are not created equal. If you’ve been weighing which type of business degree to pursue and where, ESCP Europe’s Executive Master in International Business (EMIB) may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Here’s a closer look at this exciting and innovative option for aspiring international business leaders.

What is an EMIB?

The EMIB is a business school program designed to equip students with the skills the need for many strategic areas of doing business in international markets. ESCP Europe’s EMIB comprises 14 management and leadership courses plus a master’s thesis. Designed and taught by a world-class team from the prestigious ESCP Europe, it uses a 100 percent online methodology in the student’s choice of English or French. Students also have access to on-site seminars at ESCP Europe’s six urban campuses in London, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Turin and Madrid.

The EMIB utilizes the highest quality e-learning multimedia with multi-device access via PCs, tablets and smartphones. Its adaptable structure, including a flexible installment payment plan, is designed to suit the unique availability and financial situations of its diverse student body. 

The EMIB difference

One of the EMIB’s most significant selling points? Its built-in internationalism. A growing body of evidence attests to the benefits of studying abroad from an employment perspective. Not only are students who study abroad less likely to suffer from long-term unemployment, but the majority of employers value international experience and highlight it as a recruiting priority. Additional research indicates students with international experience find jobs faster than their peers without international experience. EMIB opens the door to all of these advantages thanks to its uniquely multicultural and diverse community. The program brings together students of 50 nationalities all from different backgrounds and profiles with an average age of 35. 

But the EMIB won’t just help you get a job; it will also help you succeed throughout your career. Research further shows that employees with international experience earn approximately 25 percent more than their peers without international experience. These same students report that they adapt more quickly to diverse workplaces and feel more satisfied in their jobs. The EMIB curriculum helps students develop the skills required to lead a business in a multicultural environment, and also to apply these skills using exercises and situations in which participants experience for themselves the challenges of working in a global context alongside people from different cultures. 

EMIB alum Jia Wu, who originates from China and is currently deputy head of e-commerce at Germany’s ECOVACS Robotics, says, “Nowadays people more and more need cross-cultural and multicultural experiences. One of the assets of this program is meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world. In the EMIB you get to learn from all of them in terms of culture and business, and in terms of exchanging good practices and helping each other. Studying EMIB I have met a lot of interesting people who helped me to broaden my scope.” 

The connections students made in the EMIB continue to grow, even after the program ends. Relationships are everything in business, and EMIB students benefit from a massive international network consisting of their fellow students, faculty, and ESCP Europe’s huge international network made up of more than 50,000 alumni across 150 different nationalities, making it the most international alumni network in the world.

No mention of ESCP Europe is complete without acknowledging its sterling reputation on the global stage. Its Master in Finance, Master in Management, and Executive MBA were ranked 2nd, 5th, and 11th worldwide, respectively, by the Financial Times in 2018. It’s among the just one percent of the world’s triple-accredited business schools with AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA backing. 

And while the EMIB’s 100 percent online format offers convenience and flexibility, this comes at no sacrifice to the experiences students would find in an on-campus program. Alum Roberto Castañeda of El Salvador, senior manager of global customer operations at EXPEDIA Group, says, “I chose this program because of the strength of the curricula, the flexibility and because of the amount of applicability. [...] In spite of being an online program, the level of interaction is very high and the level of feedback is extremely customized and personalized. What I really love is the fact that you get plenty of feedback about each assignment and that allows you also to see the applicability of what you do into your day to day job. Not only will you learn a lot from the professors but you also learn a lot from the participation, from the different classmates, all of the different debates and the calls for participation that the professors do.”

Also, on-site seminars give students even more chances for face-to-face exchange. For example, during an on-site seminar held at the ESCP Europe Madrid Campus this April, community members came together for a closer look at digital marketing throughout the customer journey. The seminar was led by ESCP Europe associate professor Charlotte Gaston-Breton, who is also the scientific director of the research center in Happiness, Well-Being & Management.

ESCP Europe’s EMIB represents an exciting opportunity for future international business leaders looking to position themselves for success in the global marketplace. But why take our word for it when you can hear it from the participants themselves…

Article written in association with ESCP Europe.