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Program Description

The transformation experienced in these first years of the 21st century in the field of visual and plastic arts, both in its conceptual strategies and in its ways of doing things, poses new challenges of artistic and technological specialization.

The Master's degrees, of a specialized and / or multidisciplinary nature, are intended to teach the student's academic and professional development, as well as to promote initiation in research tasks.

The main objective of the Master in Artistic Production and Management taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad de Murcia is the application of effective teaching methodologies, based on open programming to other branches of knowledge, which provide specialized training on nature of artistic practices.

It offers the student the possibility of obtaining knowledge and skills that will train him in production and post-production in the visual arts, and empowers him to intervene in the current cultural and social scene.

In this way, the Master in Artistic Production and Management is structured on two intensification lines. On the one hand, a line based on contemporary artistic production approached from advanced knowledge of artistic creation, processes, languages, materials and technologies and, on the other, a line of specialization oriented towards artistic management that delves into strategies dissemination of artistic practices, adapting resources, media and spaces to the diversity of artistic contexts.

Students enrolled, through the Center for Employment Orientation and Training (COIE) of the Universidad de Murcia , will have the possibility of doing extracurricular internships in companies related to the degree.

The Master in Artistic Production and Management develops an artistic research methodology according to an academic and research profile.

Its overcoming will give the right to obtain the corresponding Official Master's Degree and qualify for the completion of the Doctoral Thesis and obtain the Doctor's degree.

Classes and conferences are held in the afternoon. In addition, students have a specific workshop classroom open in the morning and afternoon.

Master's file

Teaching center: Faculty of Fine Arts
Type of teaching: Face-to-face
Language: Spanish
Duration: One year
ECTS credits: 60
Title: University Master's Degree in Artistic Production and Management
Scholarships, grants and mobility: National / International
Price per credit:
  • In 1st registration: € 37.11
  • In 2nd registration: € 60.32
  • In 3rd registration: € 69.59
  • In 4th or successive: € 69.59


The fundamental objective of this University Master's Degree is advanced training for production, initiation to research and artistic management, training to cope with the current socio-economic context. This Master encourages creativity, experimentation, research and management in the field of artistic creation, as well as its adaptation to professional sectors related to visual and plastic arts.

The Master's Degree in Artistic Production and Management aims to promote production and research in the field of artistic creation, as well as its adaptation in any of the professional fields of the visual arts in which they can develop and apply the acquired knowledge.

The objectives are the following:

  • Train for creation, initiation to research, cultural and artistic management.
  • Encourage experimentation and research in the field of artistic creation and its adaptation to multicultural codes, structures and groups.
  • Provide the student with specialized knowledge in the management of artistic production techniques, using digital technologies applied to creativity.
  • Expand the possibilities of the student's competence development and his insertion in the artistic circuit, as well as in the professional sectors of the visual arts in which he can apply the technical and creative knowledge acquired.
  • Develop the intellectual training and critical capacity of the student, from the field of art and visual culture.
  • Offer the student the analysis tools of the social and cultural context in which the artistic practice is inscribed.
  • Promote the ability to design, develop and manage projects in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Provide the student with methodological instruments to facilitate their autonomous and continuous training.
  • Encourage and encourage exchange and collaboration between different research groups to make profitable the use of their resources and the dissemination of their gallery, pictures, light mollyroselee / Pixabay


Basic Competences (Meces)

The basic competencies of this study plan allow and guarantee that students:

  • Know how to apply the acquired knowledge and their problem-solving capacity in new or little-known environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of study;
  • They are able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity of formulating judgments based on information that, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments;
  • They know how to communicate their conclusions and the latest knowledge and reasons that support them to specialized and non-specialized audiences in a clear and unambiguous way;
  • They possess the learning skills that allow them to continue studying in a way that will be largely self-directed or autonomous.

General / Transversal Powers

  • Being able to project, develop and manage work at a high artistic level.
  • Define, program and undertake a self-directed and relevant creative project.
  • Develop and self-evaluate artistic practices, work processes and research methods.
  • Question your own professional practice and contextualize it in the field of art and culture, as well as being able to investigate new processes of artistic communication.
  • Know how to transmit your intentions, values and projects, as well as the meanings of your work / creation, to interested audiences.

Specific Competences

  • Adequate knowledge of the materials, instruments, techniques, procedures and processes applied to the field of creation, production, experimentation and initiation of research in contemporary art.
  • Knowledge of the exhibition contexts and artistic markets as well as other professional fields.
  • Knowledge of the business environment and marketing strategies related to the fields of competitive development.
  • Ability to create an artistic and qualified project.
  • Ability to evaluate and develop their own advanced artistic skills, their needs and possibilities for future professional projection.
  • Ability to work autonomously and in teams, with initiative and leadership in interdisciplinary artistic teams.
  • Ability to integrate knowledge, skills and disciplines that allow the development of a versatile profile in production, management and initiation to artistic research.
  • Ability to develop a work of initiation to artistic research and production, both in its theoretical and practical possibilities.
  • Ability to document, contextualize and promote artistic production, influencing a sociocultural environment adapted to new realities.
  • Ability to manage artistic projects.
  • Ability to base and communicate the intentions, values and meanings of artistic research and production.
  • Capacity for creative innovation in the use and management of new communication technologies.
  • Creative and technical capacity for the presentation, exhibition and diffusion of artistic projects through the use of complex multimedia systems that require advanced manipulation.
  • Skill in handling advanced technologies and procedures appropriate to various artistic practices.
  • Skill in applying methodological and conceptual tools to the field of artistic production and research.

Admission profile

These Master's studies are generally considered suitable for Graduates or Graduates in Fine Arts. However, it is intended to promote compensatory actions against possible differences in the academic profile.

To request access to the Postgraduate program in Artistic Research and Production and to be able to study for the Master's degree, the following admission criteria must be met:

  • Be in possession of a Spanish official university degree or another issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that empowers in the country issuing the title for access to Master's degrees.
  • Graduates in accordance with educational systems outside the EHEA will be able to access official Master's studies without the need to certify their degrees. Previously, the University must verify that they accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and that the degree obtained enables, in the country issuing the title, access to postgraduate studies. Access by this means will not imply in any case the homologation of the previous degree that the interested party is in possession of, nor its recognition for other purposes than that of studying the Master's degree.
  • For access to Master's studies, those who prove that they have a foreign degree not approved in Spain, must request, prior to the admission process, verification of the level of equivalent training of their studies with one of the official Spanish qualifications.
  • The request for verification of the equivalent level of training will be submitted to the Knowledge Branch Commissions of the General Doctoral Commission, who will resolve the applications. The application will be processed in the manner established in the rules and instructions for admission and enrollment. Students will be able to access the "Master in Atistic Production and Management" while holding official qualifications whose most suitable profiles would be bachelor's degrees (and / or diplomas related to Humanities, in particular: Fine Arts or their foreign equivalents, either from the European Space of Higher Education or any other space, after checking the equivalent level of training for access, likewise, those who study Humanities degrees, particularly Fine Arts, will have access.

In accordance with the Regulation of official studies for masters and doctorates of the Universidad de Murcia (approved by the Governing Council 05/23/08)

  • Admission to a Master will be decided by the Center that offers it at the proposal of the Academic Commission of the Master, appointed according to the Regulations. It will be made up of 10 regular members and 5 substitutes, all of them teachers of the master's degree with sufficient representation of the areas of knowledge involved in teaching the master's degree and a representative of the Center. The Commission will use the criteria previously established in the University Master's study plan, which must take into account:
    • An assessment of the academic curriculum
    • An assessment of the merits of special relevance or significance in relation to the Master
    • Any other criteria or procedure that, in the opinion of the Academic Commission of the Master, allows to verify the suitability of the applicant to continue the studies that he / she is requesting.
  • Students must submit an application for admission to the Master, and once admitted, they will proceed to formalize their enrollment in the manner, deadlines and with the requirements established in the rules and instructions for admission and enrollment that for these purposes will be approved by resolution of the Rector for each academic year.
  • Admission systems and procedures should include, in the case of students with special educational needs derived from disabilities, the appropriate support and advisory services, which will assess the need for possible curricular adaptations, itineraries or alternative studies.
  • The admission will not imply, in any case, any modification of the academic effects and, where appropriate, professionals that correspond to the previous title that the interested party is in possession, nor their recognition for other purposes than that of pursuing Master's teaching.

Graduation profile

The graduate has reinforced his knowledge in art, artistic production, management and cultural advice, therefore, the professional fields open to graduates: Management of art gallery, museum, cultural center, curator, coordinator and cultural director, cultural manager in multitude of areas. Free exercise of the profession as a plastic artist, among others.

In the field of research, students who take the University Master's Degree in Artistic Production and Management will have access to the UMU Doctorate Program in Arts and Humanities.

Professional outings

The Master in Artistic Production and Management seeks the training and high qualification of professionals who develop production and research in the field of artistic creation, as well as their adaptation in any of the professional fields of the visual arts in which they can develop and apply the acquired knowledge, such as:

  • Teaching in secondary education and University
  • Investigation
  • Exhibition curator
  • Specialist in activities related to the promotion and management of cultural heritage, both in public and private entities
  • Archives and libraries
  • Director of Museums and galleries
  • Production, documentation and dissemination of artistic content
  • Artistic and heritage information management
  • Media and publishers, advertising agencies, schools
  • Cultural advice in institutions, foundations, associations, companies, etc.
  • New multimedia and Internet technologies
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Artwork appraiser
  • Public art
  • Plastic artist

Among others:

  • Plastic-visual artist in projects of transformation of public and natural space, as well as direction and execution in pictorial, sculptural and graphic projects.
  • Interdisciplinary creative in the audiovisual field and in new image technologies (video art, animation, programming and artistic editing, photography, design, etc.)
  • Cultural and artistic manager, as well as, curator of exhibitions, art or film critic, communicator or other activities related to the cultural industries.
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