University Master's Degree for Access to the Lawyer Profession


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Program Description

  • Type of education: Face-to-face.
  • Number of new entry places offered: 180
  • Total credits: 90
  • Languages taught: Spanish.
  • Guide price: € 24.24 per credit.
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The University Master's Degree in Access to the Lawyer Profession is a professionally oriented Master's Degree; in the terms of article 10.1 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of October 29, which establishes the order of official university education, it is a degree aimed at the acquisition by the student of advanced training, aimed at professional specialization.

But it is not just a professional Master, in the sense of being oriented to the training of professionals, but a Master who has been established as an essential requirement for access to a regulated profession, the profession of lawyer. The justification for this Title is, therefore, that without obtaining it, any graduate of legal studies can access the practice of law. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that the universities offer this degree, taking into account, as established in article 15.4 RD 1393/2007, the regulatory norms of such profession and the conditions established by the Government for the study plans that enable access to they. For this reason, the Complutense University offers an official qualification that responds to the requirements of access to the practice of the profession of lawyer and, in addition, contributes professionals with a future and solvency to society, offering a high-quality qualification.

Law 34/2006, of October 30, on access to the professions of Lawyer and Court Attorney, responds to a demand long sustained by the Professional Bar Associations, to regulate the access of new graduates to the exercise of the profession of Lawyer. The legislator opted for a regulation of an academic nature, and not an administrative one, because he considers –and this is evidenced in the Preamble of Law 34/2006- that the experience of comparative law shows that the action before the Courts of Justice and the Other legal aid activities require prior accreditation of professional training that goes beyond obtaining a Bachelor or Degree university degree. For this reason, Law 34/2006 creates and regulates a complementary professional title to the university degree in Law, the professional title of Lawyer, which constitutes, as indicated in section IV of the Preamble, the budget for the professional practice of law. The UCM responds to this regulatory requirement with this University Master's Degree in Access to the Lawyer Profession, using the high-level human and material resources available to it, in order to train highly qualified professionals, essential for human relations, who respond to the high expectations of a university like UCM.

lady justice, legal, law

Academic year 2020-21

Course 1

Code Subject Character Credits Offered
606721 Practical Application of Fundamental Rights and Procedures for its Defense Mandatory 3.0 Yes
606719 Advisory of Administrative Law and Contentious-Administrative Process Mandatory 5.5 Yes
606722 Legal Advice on Competition Law, Companies and Bankruptcy Mandatory 5.0 Yes
606725 International Legal Advice Mandatory 3.0 Yes
606727 Labor and Social Security Consulting Mandatory 4.5 Yes
606720 Criminal Consulting and Criminal Procedure Mandatory 7.0 Yes
606724 Patrimonial Law Mandatory 6.5 Yes
606718 The Practice of Law: Functions, Duties, Competences and Management of the Firm Mandatory 10.0 Yes
606723 Taxation of Acts, Businesses and Contracts Mandatory 4.5 Yes
606726 Civil and Commercial Procedural Practice Mandatory 5.0 Yes
606730 Institutional visits External Practices 6.0 Yes

Course 2

Code Subject Character Credits Offered
606729 Exercise of the Profession External Practices 24.0 Yes
606728 End of Master's Project End of Master's Project 6.0 Yes


Comprehensive training for the practice of law after passing the official examination of the Ministry of Justice. High level of specialization in the field of corporate legal advice, tax advice, the law of new technologies, international business and economic sectors.


Aimed only at law graduates or graduates, since it enables, after a national entrance exam, for the profession of Lawyer. Successful completion of the Master's Degree grants the student level 3 of the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, which corresponds to level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework. The completion of the Master gives access to Doctoral studies.

Why study this master?

The UCM Law School is a reference center in the world of the legal profession, since an immense majority of the great lawyers of this country have been trained there, and they teach jurists of recognized prestige. The Master provides comprehensive legal training to students, which in addition to preparing them for the entrance exam to the profession, transmits in a global way what it means to be a lawyer. The orientation of the Master is eminently practical and for this it has an important cast of professors who, in most cases, combine their academic career with the practical exercise of the profession. For these purposes, the Faculty of Law has a modern courtroom and togas room where simulated trials can be held to prepare future lawyers in forensic practice. Comprehensive training is completed with magisterial conferences that throughout the course are taught by renowned jurists, as well as a plan for institutional visits. In addition, students in the third semester carry out an internship period in law firms, companies, judicial bodies, and public agencies and administrations.

Professional outings

Exercise of the profession of Lawyer: performance of legal aid in those judicial and extrajudicial processes in which current regulations impose or empower the intervention of a lawyer, and, in any case, to provide legal assistance or legal advice using the name of attorney.

Admission requirements for masters

Enabling university masters *

* Master's degrees that qualify for regulated professions with special deadlines and calls : ESO and Baccalaureate Teacher Training, Vocational Training and Language Teaching; General Health Psychology and Official Master's Degree in Access to the Lawyer Profession.

  • For access to the Official Master's Degree in Access to the Lawyer Profession :
    • Be in possession of an official Spanish title of law or graduate or have completed a degree with respect to which ANECA has accredited the acquisition of the legal competences indicated in art. 3.1 of Royal Decree 775/2011, of June 3.
    • Or be studying during the 2019-2020 academic year studies leading to the obtaining of any of the previous degrees and be in a position to prove the obtaining of the same at the time of formalizing your enrollment.

Reserved places:

  • 5% for students with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.
  • 3% for high level and high performance athletes.
Last updated Apr 2020

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