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Master in Event Organization and Business Tourism

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October 2019


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The Master in Event Organization and Business Tourism aims to train professionals and managers to lead business projects focused on the planning and management of different types of events (especially benchmarking actions). , conventions and conventions, incentives, trade shows, business trips), which dominate the concepts of communication, protocol and public relations strategies in order to generate quality tourism development focused on the tourism segment. business tourism.

In addition, this training will allow the acquisition of knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship such as the development of strategies, the use of new technologies, effective decision-making, the need for adaptability and openness and this in order to maintain a high level of competitiveness in a highly globalized and evolving sector.


This program will allow students to acquire or deepen their knowledge in the field of tourism and hotel management, to better understand the issues and challenges that the new structures of the international tourist market bring from a societal point of view. environmental, strategic, legal and political. The operational aspects, marketing, logistics and quality requirements of this key sector of the Moroccan economy will also be studied.

In accordance with the national pedagogical standards of the Master, an internship is planned at the end of the cycle, during the 4th semester of study.

Benefits of the program

Through this program, students will develop the following skills:

  • Identify the general and specific environment of MICE Tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions), within the tourism industry.
  • Understand the concept of management, organization, planning and their impact on corporate management evolving in the context of MICE.
  • Know and know how to manage the specific issues of conference centers, convention centers, fairs and other promotional events.
  • Learn to set business goals, design and implement a business strategy for cultural, artistic and business tourism events.
  • Be able to assess the strategic situation of a company that works in MICE, its resources and capabilities.
  • Know the basics of the protocol and its scope.
  • Know how to plan and use the rules of the protocol for the organization of private or official events according to the context.
  • Use protocol rules as communication, projection and positioning strategy tools for a private company or any other institution.
  • Have an influence on the configuration of an event in order to ensure that the rules of the protocol that apply according to the persons or the participating institutions are respected.
  • Contribute to creating a climate of trust that allows participants to achieve their goals in the best possible way.

In addition, students will also acquire transversal skills as follows:

  • Ability to analyze and synthesize;
  • Organizational and planning capacity;
  • Oral and written communication;
  • Ability to solve problems and make decisions;
  • Teamwork and adaptability;
  • Sense of ethics and responsibility;
  • Autonomy and initiative;

Sensitivity to aspects related to sustainable development.

Career opportunities

The Master Program in Event Organization and Business Tourism will allow you to access positions in the following fields / fields of activity:

  • Organization of cultural events commissioned by private companies, public or private customers.
  • Companies that use sponsorship and sponsorship as a communication tool and need skilled professionals to manage the events they organize or sponsor; and to design sponsorship for projects that are cost-effective in terms of visibility and return on investment
  • Departments of state, regional or municipal institutions, dedicated to the implementation of cultural, heritage and artistic-cultural policies through the design, planning and management of events in these areas.
  • Companies dedicated to the organization of fairs and other acts of commercial promotion in the field of public relations.

Training content

The learning is based on a theoretical part and a practical part, articulated as follows:

  • Acquisition of theoretical knowledge necessary for the understanding and management of a hotel entity or related to the tourism sector.
  • Practical application by the obligation to do an internship in company during the fourth semester.
  • Personal development and networking activities: conferences, seminars, coaching.

The content of the training is constructed as follows:

  • Structure of the international tourist market
  • Personal and Professional Project
  • International Law and Regulation of Tourism
  • Accounting and Finance for the Tourism Sector
  • Social responsibility of international tourism companies
  • Entrepreneurship and creation of tourism businesses
  • Managing an event project
  • Introduction to business tourism
  • Introduction to the organization of events
  • Risk Management
  • International marketing, event protocol and business tourism
  • Deepening the marketing of services
  • Management of intellectual capital and talents
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Event Marketing
  • Strategic Business Event Management and Business Tourism
  • Event Logistics
  • Official protocol and company protocol
  • Compulsory internship of 4 to 6 months with defense of a final dissertation before a jury of professionals and professors
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Ostelea gives you the opportunity to study in the country that boasts the most competitive tourism sector in the world. A country filled with cultural resources and infrastructures, and which is highly adapted to digital consumption habits. Read less