The Master of Visual Arts and Audiovisual Arts programmes

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Program Description

The Master of Visual Arts and Audiovisual Arts programmes

School of Arts Ghent

The Master of Visual Arts and Audiovisual Arts programmes

In the ‘master’s year’, the KASK wants to offer students continuing from bachelor’s programmes in visual and audiovisual arts a chance to grow as artists or designers. Giving your own artistic process further direction and substance is central. Students who have completed the three-year bachelor's programme are invited to complete their own master’s project. The substance of this artistic master's project is in a framework of extensive possibilities for reflection, research and consultation. In the master’s programme, the opportunity to make one's own artistic choices within a solid supporting framework is strongly emphasized.

To optimize the opportunities and possibilities for students’ own master's proposals, a number of procedures must be strictly followed to qualify for the master’s programme. The KASK faculty and staff find this application procedure the best means of being able to ensure guidance and support appropriate to each and every student.

The master’s programmes of the KASK include:

Master of Visual Arts

Fields of specialization: Fine Arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation Art, Media Art, Textile Design, Fashion, Multimedia Design, Photography, Graphic Design (Graphic Design, Graphic Arts, Web & Interactive Design, Illustration)

Master of Audiovisual Art

Fields of specialization: Animation Film and Film

Programme Descriptions

The master’s programmes in audiovisual or visual arts are divided into four segments. All segments of the programme are followed in the single academic master’s year. In order to facilitate part-time study, the master’s project is divided into two parts.

1) Master Projects I and II

The master’s project is an artistic work based on research. Its starting point is the master’s proposal submitted by the student on applying for the master’s programme. Further development and formulation of a principle problem expressed in the master’s proposal takes place during the first half of the academic year.

During the academic year, the student further develops this process by completing his or her own work of art and/or design, and/or film or animation film in a personal and critically sensitive manner. This work is expected to bear witness to a creative and critical approach to the medium or media employed.

2) Thesis

In the thesis segment of the programme, the student undertakes a languagebased, discursive investigation resulting in a written work. The thesis demonstrates that the student is capable of conducting relatively independent research and report on that research.

3) Theoretical seminars

At the start of the academic year, students register for four seminars. Each seminar is focused on specific problems and investigations. They are thematic in nature and not intended as overviews. In terms of contents, the theoretical seminars in the master’s programmes are open to all kinds of subjects and themes linked to the study of visual and audiovisual arts. The specific focus of the seminars generally evolve from the instructors’ area of research.

4) Elective courses:

In this programme segment, credits can be earned with selective studies, either with a single programme segment or in a combination of the student’s choice.

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