The Master of Arts in Management (MAM)


Program Description

The Master of Arts in Management (MAM) degree is designed for students who seek a comprehensive introduction to the field of management. The degree allows you to gain essential skills in business management and is suited for a variety of clientele. If you are a recent graduate, regardless of your undergraduate major, and you wish to gain a better understanding of the field of management as the next step toward your professional objectives, you will find that the MAM degree will enable you to understand the full range of managerial issues from marketing, to accounting and finance, to strategy and leadership. On the other hand, if you have been working full-time for a while, in the for-profit, non-profit, or public sector, the MAM offers the opportunity to develop a broader perspective on management and to update your management knowledge regarding the more recent advances in the field. The Drucker School's strengths in strategy and leadership are prominently featured as components of the degree.

The Master of Arts in Management requires 32 units of coursework for completion. The core requirements are drawn from those of the MBA, consisting of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Quantitative Methods, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, and Leadership. For recent graduates, the curriculum includes an emphasis on core management disciplines. Those with more experience generally are able to waive some of the breadth requirements and to add electives to allow for a more tailored curriculum. Depending on experience and waivers, students in the program generally add elective courses. This can allow the degree to be customized to fit the needs of non-profit managers; executives in a state, local, and national government; and business professionals wishing to update their knowledge and skills. Students generally will take courses offered in our management program, however, those with significant management or professional work experience may be eligible to participate in classes offered by our executive program.

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

Why Drucker? What makes one school different from the next? We believe it is the philosophy and the people that will ultimately define your grad school experience. And our philosophy is based on peopl ... Read More

Why Drucker? What makes one school different from the next? We believe it is the philosophy and the people that will ultimately define your grad school experience. And our philosophy is based on people—management as a human enterprise, as a liberal art. The people you’ll meet at the Drucker School reflect this philosophy—from the staff to the faculty, to your fellow students—in every interaction. You will be treated with respect, praised for your individuality, and embraced by the collegial synergy of our academic community. Here you’ll find high expectations and challenging programs, but also words of encouragement and expert guidance. You’ll find professors publishing the leading books in their fields who are eager to engage you in lively discussions about today’s most pressing issues. You’ll find a management style that values the cultivation of human potential as a company’s most valuable resource. You’ll find a school that is global, diverse, and rich with resources while being intimate and flexible enough for you to explore the path that is right for you. Here at the Drucker School, you’ll find something different. But don’t take our word for it—experience the difference firsthand and discover the possibilities your future holds at the Drucker School. Our Purpose We make a difference in the lives of those with whom we learn and the institutions we serve. Our Mission We achieve our purpose by developing and enriching the professional lives of our students: Enhancing their ability to think rigorously and ethically about complex, ambiguous issues, to make sound strategic decisions, and to lead and inspire others to achievement of common purposes Providing a personalized and practical, yet reflective learning experience Instilling intellectual curiosity and learning skills that will sustain a lifelong search for understanding and openness to innovation and change Read less