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Program Description

The UMBS commitment to educational excellence is reflected in our certificate programs, which have been designed to meet the needs of business practitioners around the world.

Why Pursue an Executive Education Certificate?

Many managers and executives have degrees in areas other than business and would like to formalize their management education as they attain positions with greater managerial responsibilities. For them, our Certificate Programs offer flexible yet systematic approaches to attaining usable knowledge in the cross-functional areas of management.

Our Certificate Programs also give managers an opportunity to have their continuing education initiatives formally recognized by their companies and help them secure both the knowledge and the recognition necessary to advance in their careers.

From an organizational perspective, Certificate Programs offer top management a concrete method for benchmarking the professional development and progress of high-potential staff members.

Lifelong Learning and Continuous Improvement

Change is a constant in today’s business environment and continuous learning is critical to keep abreast of new trends, next practices, and to sustain business success. Whether you are a generalist wishing to refine your experience in a particular business function, or a specialist wishing to expand your perspectives and develop an integrated, cross-functional view of how to manage and grow your business, Michigan is here to help.

Individual Benefits

Michigan’s Management Development Certificate offers you a flexible way to expand your knowledge and develop new skills as you work toward your career goals, confront new challenges, and attain an increased level of responsibility. A broad range of choices is available for your executive development—with the added advantages of convenient scheduling and the flexibility to earn the Certificate at a self-regulated pace. As always, attending an executive education program provides the opportunity to interact with experts and gain new perspectives from your peers while pursuing your professional goals. It also offers an opportunity to earn recognition from your firm and position you for further advancement.

Corporate Benefits

From an organizational perspective, the Certificate Program offers management a way to systematically address key problems and seize new opportunities by building organizational capability across a broad range of disciplines. Through targeted learning experiences, the individual or team can bring new, relevant tools and competencies to your firm or industry by drawing on the educational experience itself.

Requirements for Completion

To qualify for the Certificate, select any four programs from any combination of four Centers of Excellence. Designing your curriculum in this manner allows you to create in-depth learning experiences that cut across traditional functional area boundaries. Our clients tell us using this comprehensive, integrated, multidisciplinary approach provides the level of sophistication they need to formulate and compare alternative solutions and commit to new action plans for their careers and organizations. Note: Our four-week Executive Program and the two-week Management Development Program each count as two programs toward completion of the Certificate.

Your Needs Dictate the Pace

The time required to earn the Certificate is determined by you. Completion of the required number of programs may take place over as long as eight years—allowing each Certificate candidate to achieve his or her professional goals on a flexible, self-directed schedule. We invite you to contact our consultant and discover how Michigan can help you and your firm achieve your business goals.

Last updated Jan 2018

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The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is a premier educational institution within one of the finest research universities worldwide. Our mission is to develop leaders in ... Read More

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is a premier educational institution within one of the finest research universities worldwide. Our mission is to develop leaders in thought and action, who are ready to tackle the challenging, multidisciplinary problems facing society. Leaders who can provide moral and civic leadership, and who leverage their influence for the benefit of society. At Michigan, our over-arching strength is our unique ability to bridge scholarly theory with business practice. We believe true leadership begins with a holistic understanding of business. At our core is the pursuit of “intellectual capital with impact.” These are the ideas our faculty bring to the classroom and the tools our graduates use to shape the world. We’re interested in students who want to partner with faculty to co-create a very customized, robust educational experience. Our strategy to develop students’ leadership capability – in addition to impact requisite business knowledge and skills – is to provide action-based learning opportunities rooted in real-world issues. With an MBA from Michigan's Ross School of Business, you’ll enter the marketplace as a leader with the confidence and wisdom to define and achieve your vision of success. Read less
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