The MSc Vintage (DNM) (Erasmus Mundus)


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Program Description

The MSc Vintage (DNM) (Erasmus Mundus)

This 4 six-month semester course lead to a Degree of Master of Science MSc or French (DNM), also to double and joined diplomas.

The objective of this program is to form executives of the international wine sector able to innovate, optimize and improve quality in vine growing and enology.

By combining scientific and technical training and professional experience, the philosophy of the course is to prepare the future graduates for the realities of the wine sector.

The participation of professionals as well as the many case studies enable the students to confront the problems of the profession and make it possible for them to define their professional project.

Among the topics, one finds

  • Economics and marketing of wine.
  • The relation between the quality of the grape and the quality of the wines - Influence of the soil.
  • Producing wines in the respect of the environment.
  • Strategies of national and international wine sectors.
  • Reasoning the training systems for a quality grape.

The Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture of Angers is the pilot of this MSc Course.

The program is addressed to

  • Students wishing to further their education
  • Working candidates wishing to obtain the National Diploma of Master ( french DNM) by the way of adult training or to supplement their knowledge with “à la carte” modules.

The applications are examined individually.

Admission requirements

The minimum academic level to follow this Course is a diploma of higher education in science. It can be, for example:

  • a "Bachelor of Science" (3 years of scientific training or economic-marketing sciences),
  • in France: a license, a maîtrise, a DNO,
  • a corresponding diploma of another country.

It is also required the candidates demonstrate an interest in the wine profession.

For the candidates in employment wishing to obtain an MSc by the way of the adult education system, the criteria of selection will be examined individually by [educational committee art738].

Language level

  • A good English is compulsory (550 for TOEIC)
  • An Intermediate level of French level is required (550 for TFI).

Other languages, in particular, those of the countries of the university partners, are appreciated.

An intensive language course can be followed before the beginning of the Master Vintage. On this subject, you can also consult the addresses indicated on the page the student life in Angers.

A full program in 3 countries

This course being international, the modules are held taught in a minimum of three countries among the following:

  • Spain (Valencia)
  • France (Angers)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • Italy (Bologna and/or Piacenza)
  • Portugal (Vila Réal)

The choice of the universities varies each year and is based on:

  • possible requirements in the knowledge of languages,
  • the obligatory requirement of displacement in three minimum countries,
  • the number of places available in each university.

The teaching committee of the Master Vintage reserves the right to modify the list of the university partners proposing the modules 2 "integrated Oenology " and 6 "Vine growing and Environment" according to the number of students pre-registered.


Are differentiated into two categories based on the Gross National Income Per Capita (GNIPC) as calculated by the world bank. For countries with a GNIPC below 5 000 dollars, fees amount to 10 euros. For countries with a GNIPC over 5 000 dollars, fees amount to 50 euros.

If you are graduate of a partner university of the master, also send a copy of the candidates’ file, by electronic mail or postal, to the teaching personnel in charge at your university of origin.

Your written application will be examined, then if it is accepted, you will be invited for an oral interview at ESA or by phone or skype for overseas countries.

Last updated Jan 2018

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