Technology Management MBA (TMMBA)


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Program Description

Program Overview

The 18-month Technology Management MBA Program prepares you for leadership in the rapidly evolving technology sector with an executive-level view of the business and the skills to effectively manage people, innovation, operations and financial assets.

Curriculum for the business of technology
The Technology Management MBA curriculum emphasizes the knowledge and skills you need to lead in the fast-paced, dynamic, technology-driven work environment. The cases, lectures, and class discussion revolve around real technology companies and innovations. The knowledge and skills gained in the classroom can be applied to your organization's current challenges and goals.

Collaborative learning and lifelong connections
In addition to the coursework, students learn from the collective knowledge of fellow students who have five to twenty years of work experience and represent a range of organizations and job functions. The team-oriented environment provides intellectual stimulation and mutual support. The connections you will make in the classroom, and as part of the alumni community will result in a strong professional network after graduation.

Designed for working professionals
Students earn their MBA in just 18 months or six consecutive quarters with a one month break in September. The class schedule of one night per week and every other Saturday is particularly attractive to working professionals.

Comprehensive student support
Balancing a full-time job, school and family can be challenging. To support your success in the program and to ensure that you can focus on learning, the program provides required books, course materials, and registration services. Dinner is provided on class nights as well as breakfast and lunch during Saturday sessions. The facility is equipped with wireless networks, a student lounge and tiered classrooms designed for effective teaching. The Kirkland location offers free parking and is easily accessible from Interstate 405 and Highway 520.


Knowledge you can use -- from day one
Designed for working professionals, the Technology Management MBA curriculum focuses on principles and techniques that you can apply as you learn. To give you a top-level view, the program delivers relevant general management courses that provide broad insight into the interdependency among business functions and technology. To prepare you to become an effective leader, the curriculum emphasizes teamwork and management skills while providing useful tools for decision-making.

International Study Trip

Enhance your global view of business
The twin forces of technology and globalization bring tremendous challenges and untapped opportunities for businesses. Learn how to navigate an increasingly flat world by examining another global viewpoint. Themes of globalism, international strategy, macroeconomics and cross-cultural communication are infused throughout the TMMBA curriculum.

Explore global organizations
You'll have an opportunity to see globalism firsthand during an optional International Study Trip. With more businesses competing in a global marketplace, it is important to understand how operational innovations, business practices, and economic issues affect and are affected by businesses in other countries. The study trip gives you the opportunity to broaden your business knowledge base and immerse yourself in a different culture. Visit businesses, tour manufacturing facilities and interact with local business leaders and government officials.

Help select a destination
This optional trip takes place during spring break of the second year. Previous study trips include France, Japan, and China. The destination and duration are determined by both the program and the students.

Target audience

Tech professionals who want to play a broader role in management.

Last updated Jan 2018

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The Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, located in Seattle, ranks among the top business schools in the United States. Founded in 1917, the School has more than 46,00 ... Read More

The Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, located in Seattle, ranks among the top business schools in the United States. Founded in 1917, the School has more than 46,000 alumni. Each year about 2,500 students enroll in our undergraduate and graduate programs, and over 1,000 participate in Executive Education. Mission Statement We are an entrepreneurial learning community dedicated to the creation, application, and sharing of knowledge that places special emphasis on dynamic and global business environments. Read less
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