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The Business School of the Official Chamber of Commerce of Seville, aware of the important niche of the market that occupies the fashion industry, launches for the year 2019/2020 the V Edition of the Technical Master in Fashion Management, Communication and Marketing, program 1st level training applied to the development and management of a Communication Plan or a Brand, to the organization of a fashion event or production of a parade, to the Management and Edition of a Magazine or Digital Magazine, to the creation of a portfolio and development of different fashion research techniques, etc.

Fashion, especially in recent decades, is generating a business network linked to experts in Communication Management, Marketing, Journalism, Photography, Styling, Creative Direction or Graphic Design. The latest market studies show the demand for specialization in the field of fashion communication and marketing. Institutions, companies and media require a highly qualified human team in this sector. Precisely for this reason, in our continuous effort to update content, we have incorporated for the 4th Edition of the Technical Master in Fashion Management, Communication and Marketing a specific block oriented to Fashion Marketing, given the relevance it is acquiring in the sector.

In short, education in this area must have an eminently practical sense. Therefore, in the Technical Master Program in Management, Communication and Fashion Marketing of the Business School of the Chamber of Seville, the theory has its rightful place, while the applicability of contents, and the professionalism and experience of the teaching team, They offer the necessary tools to respond to the real supply and demand of the fashion industry.

In addition, the possibility of doing internships in the most prestigious companies of the Sector, allows students to live in the first person a relevant work experience that brings them closer to the reality of the world of communication, marketing and fashion; to know the experience of the best professionals at the local, national and international level; create your own network of contacts; and even, consider the creation of your own company.

Therefore, our purpose is to generate better professionals, more trained and competitive, providing professional profiles that respond to business needs, and as a result, increase their employment.


Module I: The Portfolio: Techniques for Research and Design of Fashion Projects.

  1. Fashion's history
  2. Sociology and fashion culture
  3. The big business groups
  4. Fashion research. Portfolio I
  5. Fashion design
  6. Technical English in fashion
  7. TFM (block I)
  • Final project of module I: research of a fashion brand: the parade.

Module II: Direction And Communication In Fashion.

  1. Fashion journalism
  2. Styling
  3. Photography
  4. Technical English in fashion
  5. Advertising and marketing in fashion
  6. Event organization
  7. Photoshop and indesign: project design and editing of publications
  8. TFM (block II)
  • Final project of module II: design, production and edition of a magazine.

Module III: The Communication Plan, Events And Luxury In Fashion.

  1. Communication and marketing plan
  2. Communication 2.0
  3. Entrepreneurship: from the idea to the business model
  4. Fashion research. Portfolio III
  5. Fashion technical English
  6. Event organization
  7. TFM (block III)
  • Final project of module III: creation of a fashion event.

Final Master Project

Direction of a communication agency specialized in fashion.

To assess the level of use of the classes, the students will complete a final project where the subjects of the different modules of the Master will be integrated. Through the different projects, the students have not only the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired in the Technical Master in Fashion Management, Communication and Marketing, but also demonstrate that they are the best prepared professionals for play these functions.


A Master without a real transfer of what was learned to the workplace would lose all interest and meaning. Therefore, the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville will offer places for non-work placements, of a voluntary nature, in the most prestigious companies in Seville, both nationally and internationally. The internships will last for 4 months. Below are some of the more than 200 companies that have signed an internship agreement with the Chamber of Seville:

  • Destroman SL
  • Ismael Gómez Figueroa
  • Industrias Sombrereras Españolas SA
  • Mh Service Center Astigi Slu
  • The Needle On The Finger
  • Patricia Buffuna
  • Franquicia De Publicaciones, SL
  • Rental Mode SL
  • Servicios Egenreales Doble Erre, SL
  • Mjsuarez 2014 SL
  • Lina 1960, SL
  • Clientissimo, SL
  • Panambi Collection, SL
  • Anfer Galo Sl
  • Estefania Leiva Alba Twelve

Participants and Scholarships

Students / As With Future Projection

The aspirants to the Technical Master of Fashion Management, Communication and Marketing are clear that the business fabric, as well as the latest market studies highlight the need for specialization in the field of communication and fashion. The objective of becoming competent and successful professionals in the communication direction in fashion is what leads them to obtain the highest level of Employability in the market. They share the vision of reality: that the fashion industry increasingly demands professional and specialized profiles in the sector.

Versatile Students / As

The Technical Master is especially indicated for Postgraduates, or Graduates of the Higher Formative cycle in any of the areas of Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Design, Advertising, Fine Arts, Economics and Law, as well as entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of communication and fashion.

In short, the Master is aimed at students who want to grow professionally with theoretical-practical and face-to-face training, with a high professional academic level.


Postgraduate and unemployed for master programs:

Scholarships of 20% up to 50% off the total amount of tuition.

Affinity camera:

Scholarships from 10% to 100% discount of the registration fee.

Foreign students:

Scholarships of 30% discount of the registration fee.

EUSA and NP alumni scholarships:

These alumni can benefit from an automatic 30% discount on the total amount of the face-to-face courses (Master's, Expert's, Higher Programs or modules that are integrated in any of the above). The beneficiaries of this scholarship will not receive the tablet-type electronic device (IPAD) since it was given to them as a study tool to complete the degree or higher cycle.

Junior employment scholarships:

They offer the student the possibility of taking a Master at cost 0 and at the same time, to the company, they give him the opportunity to have a professional granted for 12 months.

International troyes scholarships:

An academic and work experience is very convenient to finish training the current professionals in an increasingly global and demanding business market. In this context, the Master's students of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville will be able to study and carry out internships abroad thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the Groupe Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Troyes in Champagne, by which the students of both institutions have the possibility of obtaining double degrees in both institutions, attending both programs.


Workers bonuses:

This course can be rewarded according to the Continuing Education system through the monthly Social Security contribution bulletins. All procedures must be done at least 7 days before the start of the course. See conditions.

Free management:

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville will manage the existing aid free of charge.

Shuttle project:

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville is committed to the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit and the development of entrepreneurship, rewarding three Master's projects, with a check of services valued at 6000 euros, including staying for 6 months in the Business Incubator of the Chamber of Sevilla.

Possibility of financing:

Check conditions according to each case.

(Consult the regulatory base for scholarships and grants)

Program taught in:

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