Sustainable Energy Systems - Master of Science (M.S) Program


Program Description

Climate change is the central environmental challenge of our time. To address this challenge we must use energy more efficiently and maximize our use of renewable energy. Making this transformation requires a deep knowledge of the science of sustainable energy as well as a firm grounding in the business and communication skills needed to translate technical knowledge into real world solutions. Graduates of the Professional Science Masters (PSM) in Sustainable Energy Systems will be empowered to help make this transformation and help grow the green economy of New York.

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Program Highlights

Through advanced study in the physics of sustainable energy systems, you’ll explore engineering mechanics, energy and sustainability, fundamentals of thermodynamics and the thermodynamics of building design and technology. You’ll also investigate the physics of renewable energy technology, as well as power electronics and circuit elements and devices. Key business topics include accounting, marketing, management and professional writing.


Admissions Criteria

Applicants are generally required to have an undergraduate cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. However, circumstances including, but not limited to, endeavors following completion of a bachelor's degree and performance in the last two years of a bachelor's degree program will be considered in reviewing applications from students with lower grade point averages. Students who feel they are qualified in spite of an undergraduate grade point average below a 2.5 are encouraged to contact the department before applying for admission. Applicants are expected to have a sufficient background in physics and calculus prior to applying. Exceptional applicants who do not meet all of the admission requirements may be considered on an individual basis. If admitted, these students may be required to complete additional requirements for the degree beyond those stated above. These additional requirements will be determined by the graduate coordinator of the degree program and may include specific courses, limited in number, based on the student's prior academic background in physics and mathematics.

Career Potential

The PSM in Sustainable Energy Systems will prepare graduates to contribute first hand to the creation, development, and expansion of local businesses or non-profits focused on renewable energy, building performance, and sustainable engineering as well as for jobs in government agencies promoting the expansion of sustainable energy. The program’s mixture of courses focusing on fundamental and applied science as well as those focusing on the professional skills needed to tackle the practical, real-world problems encountered in the fast growing and critically important fields of sustainable energy will make graduates highly desirable to regional businesses and organizations and will empower them to help promote the development of high-paying Green Collar jobs throughout Central New York. Typical career paths that the PSM in Sustainable Energy Systems will empower students to pursue include:

  • Designer of renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltatic, solar thermal, and geothermal heat pumps at the residential and light commercial scale.
  • Building performance specialist focusing on the movement of heat through the built environment at the residential or commercial scale.
  • Renewable energy specialist within a larger sustainable engineering firm
  • Technical expert for non-profit organizations working to promote the development and expansion of renewable and sustainable energy systems.
  • Technical expert for government agencies over seeing local, state, or federal efforts to incentivize and promote the adoption of renewable energy or energy efficiency technologies at the residential and commercial scales.

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