Specializing Master in Yacht Design


Program Description

The Specializing Master in Yacht Design of the Politecnico di Milano collects and consolidates opportunities and resources developed by the University, with particular reference to skills in the fields of industrial design, fluid dynamics, mechanics, materials science; on the other hand it uses resources, experience, and expertise acquired at a number of other Italian universities including University "Federico II" of Naples, the University of Catania and University of Chieti. The Politecnico di Milano Design School offers this Specializing Master jointly with POLI.design, founded by Politecnico di Milano. The program was founded to meet the strong demand for training in the pleasure-craft segment. The yacht's market requires professionals with specialist post-university training.


The Specializing Master provides the tools for managing the design and construction of sailing and motorboats, from project brief to definition of general plans, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculations, fitting-out of interiors, deck and board equipment, boat systems, production in the yard and control of executive stages. Participation in the Specializing Master allows students to achieve the following training goals:

  • Development of planning skills, in particular, problem setting and problem-solving skills in the leisure boat market.
  • Development of specialized technical skills; acquisition of principles and procedures of construction methods and techniques.
  • Development of skills related to production organization and shipyard management.
  • Development of the ability to work in a group and to present oneself with authority in the professional world.
  • Ability to manage conflicts in the team and to encourage creativity.

Job description and final assessment

Students attending the program will find employment at yacht design practices or yards and in ancillary industries. The potential fields of professional involvement are technical office; engineering; project management; production control; quality control; fitting-out; styling; customization; after-sales.


The need to train people to work in the yachting sector is based on the rapid and exponential growth recorded by this sector in recent years. This growth has been further encouraged by the issuing of provisions to encourage the development of this market (from simplifying procedures for port construction to reducing the tax burden on recreational boats over 10 m. etc.). For this reason, the sector shows today a strong professional vocation, with regard both to the skills necessary to the design of recreational boats, their components, and accessories, and to the management of the different stages of the production process.

In particular, the sector is going through a stage of strong growth and development in quantitative and economic terms, although full maturity has not yet been reached. This lag is explained partly by the current lack of executives able to manage and direct this phase of change.

Degree Awarded

Upon completion of the Specializing Master, students earn a first-level Politecnico di Milano Specializing Master Degree.


The Specializing Master will start in February 2020.

Admission requirements

The Specializing Master is completely in English: preference will be given to candidates with a good knowledge of English.

The Specializing Master in Yacht Design is open to applicants who have a university degree (Laurea, equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) under the old or the new educational system or a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) under the new educational system in Architecture, Engineering, and Industrial Design, and in related economic disciplines, and to applicants with equivalent qualifications.

The Board shall admit applicants who have qualifications in disciplines other than those specified above, if the Master may complete the training of the applicant or the professional skills and experience shown by same.

Admission procedure

To take part in the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:

  • for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within January 2021.
  • for non-EU citizens within December 2020.

Tuition and Fees

The Specializing Master costs €13.000 (€12.500 Specializing Master tuition and € 500.00 Politecnico di Milano enrollment fee) Exempt from VAT under Article 10 of DPR 633/72.

The cost of enrollment in the Specializing Master entitle to deduct tax of 19% as falling under "university specialization courses".

Last updated May 2020

About the School

POLI.design operates in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organizations, institutions, and bodies.

POLI.design operates in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organizations, institutions, and bodies. Read less