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Program Description

The Master in International Screenwriting and Production is a graduate program that aims at creating professional scriptwriters, story editors, and producers, providing them with a thorough understanding of the audiovisual industry and a strong knowledge of the storytelling techniques, which are the heart of every project of feature film and television series.

The MISP is a full-time intensive course, with a maximum enrollment of 42 students.

The diploma, issued by Università Cattolica, is recognized as a first level Master’s degree by the Italian Government.

Learning Objectives

The MISP will allow students to acquire the required knowledge to work in the entertainment industry, both as writers and/or professionals working in production or distribution companies, TV networks, talent agencies or as production assistants.

Students will receive a comprehensive and high-level training which effectively combines the academic expertise of university professors with the professional know-how of high-ranking professionals with international profiles.


  • Screenwriting theory
  • Script analysis and project evaluation
  • Writing techniques for audiovisual products
    • Screenwriting practice: treatments, scenes, and dialogues, scripts, pitches.
    • The writing of genres and adaptation.
    • Writing for different formats: comic books, novels, documentaries, entertainment TV shows, advertising, the web, mobile media, and transmedia projects.
    • Screenwriting and production of animation projects.
  • The audiovisual industry
    • Industries and audiences.
    • TV acquisition and programming and film distribution
    • The physical production: pre-production, shooting, post-production, contracts, and budgeting.
  • Communication ethics

Final Project

Three months before the end of theoretical classes, the students will have to choose between one of the following careers: screenwriting or production.

The students, who choose the screenwriting career, will have to write and deliver a final project from which the writing abilities developed during the program should emerge. Typically, the final project takes the form of a script for a feature film, which can either be an original idea or an adaptation.

The final project can be written in English, Italian, French or Spanish.

The students, who choose the production career, will have the opportunity to undertake an internship within an established production or distribution company, a TV network, an advertising agency or on a film set.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the MISP are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities.

Graduates have both the theoretical knowledge and the methodological tools suited to pursue professional and managerial careers as:

  • Screenwriters or creative producers of television series and feature films;
  • Authors of TV entertainment programs and documentaries, copywriters, creators of video games and web series, writers of comic books and novels and fiction editors in publishing companies;
  • Story editors and script consultants;
  • Supervisors of evaluation, acquisition, and programming of TV shows;
  • Professionals working in different areas of the television and film industry (physical production, distribution, acquisition, product placement, etc.)

Program-specific entry requirements

In order to enter the MISP, students need to hold an undergraduate degree (180 ECTS). Degrees in Literature, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, Media studies, and Communication are preferable, but no other degree is excluded.

  • The undergraduate degree must be obtained before the start of the program.
  • Università Cattolica will evaluate candidates’ academic and personal background and decide if they meet the specific conditions for admission to the chosen graduate program.
  • Students must be able to excel in courses that are reading-and-writing intensive.

Language proficiency

Applicants whose first language is not English will need to have either:

  • TOEFL iBT overall score of at least 80, or
  • Academic IELTS overall score of at least 6.0, or
  • Successfully completed a degree program taught in the English language

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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is the largest private university in Europe boasting over 41 000 students across 12 Schools. Cattolica distinguishes itself for its multidisciplinary curriculum, industrial ties, and strong international focus. Read less
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