Specialized Master in Urban Engineering and Information Technologies


Program Description

The EIVP and the École des Ponts ParisTech offer a Specialized Master® in Urban Engineering and Information Technologies, URBANTIC.


Information and communication technologies (ICT) have revolutionized the approach to urban planning. Thanks to their information processing capacity, they are an excellent decision-making tool for city stakeholders. They favor the emergence of new methods of city management, based on the sharing of information and an optimized analysis of available data with the aim of understanding urban planning in a transversal manner, a preamble necessary for the construction of the digital city.

Concerned public

Engineers or holders of a university education at master's level (Bac + 5) or equivalent and holders of a Bac + 4 justifying a minimum of three years of professional experience in the field of development, construction and town planning.

Content and Opportunities

The training is equally composed of theoretical courses and practical work, based on software tools, around a federated tutored project which relates to the development of a public space.

Semester 1

During the first semester we draw up a complete panorama of the impact of ICT on urban management. Each teaching unit addresses specific themes related to the management and design of urban environments. The tutored project illustrates the theoretical aspects of the training. Students are thus confronted with a real case of an urban development project submitted by professionals in the sector. The aim of a study seminar planned in the course is to open up students to the urban issues of major European cities.

  • Sustainable City (20 hours)
  • Digital tools (140 hours)
  • Urban risk management and city resilience (60 hours)
  • Transport and urban mobility (60 hours)
  • Water, waste and energy (60 hours)
  • Tutored project: urban planning (60 hours)

Semester 2

The second semester takes place in a professional environment which will lead to the writing of a professional thesis over 6 months. The subject of the thesis must first be validated by the teaching team.

  • Professional thesis (6 months)


Among the functions that can be occupied by MS URBANTIC holders:

  • Manager of municipal technical services.
  • Design office and urban projects executive.
  • Environmental quality manager in regional development.

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Applicants are selected on file and interview. download the application file opposite. To ensure the quality of our teaching, the number of places open for applications is limited.

The MS URBANTIC is accessible to the following people:

In Initial Formation

  • To young engineers or holders of university training at master's level (BAC + 5) or equivalent, in the field of development, construction and town planning
  • Architects or holders of equivalent scientific and technical training wishing to improve their skills in the management of sustainable territories and cities through the application of ICT.

In Continuing Education

  • Professionals seeking to develop their careers or integrate into a sustainable urban development management service.


  • To French-speaking students who meet the same selection criteria as French students. A decree facilitates access to the French labor market for graduates of Specialized Masters labeled CGE.

Indicative Calendar

  • Application: from January
  • Admission: March to September
  • Course start: October
  • Beginning of the internship: mars
  • Defense of professional theses: October

Tuition fees are 9,950 euros (EIVP is not subject to VAT). The MS URBANTIC is supported by a network of partner companies. Contact us for any request for assistance in setting up your financing plan.

The EIVP is Referable to the Datadock for Financing Your Training by OPCAs

DataDock is a database which allows professional training funders to check the compliance of training organizations with the 6 quality criteria defined by law. It makes it possible to attest to the ability of the EIVP to guarantee an identical level of quality for all the services offered.

From 1 July 2017, each financier who will take charge of individual or collective training for the EIVP will refer us according to their own criteria.

More information on www.data-dock.fr

Activity declaration number registered with the Ile-de-France regional prefecture 11 75 42 051 75

Our Parisian Campus

Classes take place on our campus located within Paris:
80 rue Rebeval, 75019 Paris
Metro: Belleville / Pyrénées / Buttes-Chaumont

Speakers & Partners

Educational team

The teaching team is made up of teachers from EIVP and ENGEES, accompanied by an educational coordinator who ensures the link between experts from partner organizations. This specialized master's degree allows you to acquire the knowledge and know-how necessary to lead teams of specialists in the management of wastewater and rainwater through a full training course.

Some Testimonies of Elders

Specialize to enhance me.

Basic civil engineer, my choice to specialize in the urban field and town planning comes back to the complexity and transversality of the urban projects observed today which requires having multidisciplinary skills.

URBANTIC allowed me to acquire this double skill in civil engineering / urban engineering in order to meet the challenge of the interdisciplinarity of these projects and manage the integration of civil engineering projects in restrictive urban environments. The MS also makes it possible to open up to innovative positions thanks to its training in the use of new ICT communication technologies and BIM in town planning and the management of urban projects.

Today, thanks to my MS URBANTIC, I am hired as assistant of the MOA on the transport project of the "Grand Paris Express". Every day, as part of my work, I use the skills of the Specialized Master from which I was able to benefit to manage the Civil Engineering / Urban Engineering interfaces of the project, analyze the studies carried out on 3D models and support the MOA on the different aspects of the project. Oumaima Lachkar - Société du Grand Paris - MS URBANTIC graduate

Last updated Apr 2020

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The EIVP is part of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, a network representing business and engineering schools training their students towards excellence. Through an independently-established curriculum, they aim at providing an education in close cooperation with the business community and open at an international level. The engineering schools deliver state-recognized diplomas accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur – an independent body evaluating higher education institutions in engineering. After two years of preparatory classes, students can enter the EIVP after passing competitive examinations. Read less