Take up the challenge of entrepreneurial innovation.

Why bring together entrepreneurship and innovation management? The logic of innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly part of the same paradigm of reflection and action. Innovation is no longer driven by research units alone

The Specialized Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management is positioned around a key professional know-how: the innovation and the development of new business in startup configuration or the new activity of an existing company, by embedding in this logic. structuring all business support consulting, expertise and support in entrepreneurial innovation.

More than entrepreneurship training or Specialized Master ® in innovation management, the program that combines both dimensions allows students with different projects (rather focus on the fields of innovation, or rather dynamic entrepreneurial oriented) d to learn together and to integrate a more global perspective . This integration and combination will be appreciated by future recruiters and will make a difference in the quality of deployment of your future professional projects.

What you must remember

  • Conjugation of 2 key areas of expertise: entrepreneurship and innovation management
  • The development of transversal skills related to digital breaks
  • Learning in project mode
  • The power of the emlyon business school entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • A label from the Conférence des Grandes Écoles

The challenges of entrepreneurial innovation

They talk about us

"If you want to get out of your comfort zone, learn and apply, then I strongly advise you to take this training! » Aline, Student Specialized Master ® Undertaking, promotion 2018

"This evolution, associating entrepreneurship with broad lessons in innovation management, is timely and will be able to bring new skills to future business leaders or business units. » Acil Jabou - Graduate Specialized Master ® Undertaking and Founding President of La Fraîcherie

"Our consulting activities do not know the boundaries between these two closely related fields: innovation is part of a global project feasibility, entrepreneurship has its source in an innovation to build. François Bloch - Chief Executive Officer, KPMG France


The program is organized in 2 semesters with a choice of option:

  • The 1st semester deals with the issues of conception and realization of products
  • The first part of the 2nd semester consists in approaching the implementation of the innovation strategy, the launching and the deployment of the activities including as much the search for financing (internal in big company or external) as the business development on a global scale, or the operational management of performance and the organizational approach.
  • Finally, the second part of the second semester is delayed differentiation time with two options: innovation and technology or entrepreneurship.

Key modules

1st semester

  • Market representation and study of markets that do not yet exist and introduction to innovation
  • Early morning course
  • Construction of the "value proposition" and offer (marketing part of the business model)
  • Design of the resource platform of the business model and business plan
  • Financial model design and profitability of the activity
  • Project "New Biz Maker"
  • Project "in up mode"

2nd semester

  • Financing of entrepreneurial innovation projects
  • Law and legal strategy of innovation
  • Business development
  • Management of growth and globalization
  • Performance management
  • Management and governance
  • Project "New Biz Maker" - 2nd phase
  • The art of pitch
  • Negotiation and personal development


The entrepreneurship option

  • Family business and succession
  • Intrapreneurship / Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship

The innovation and technology option

  • Strategic management of technology
  • Research management
  • Product design
  • Expert project management

Choose the international immersion that suits you

This immersion in another country, culture, environment associated with different themes in different countries allows you to broaden your horizons, to bring you a more global vision, less European and to meet other international actors than those already mobilized in your journey .

You will have the choice of the destination, which may be related to the theme that interests you (innovation in Boston, quality in Tokyo, decentring in Bangalore), according to your personal aspirations and group dynamics.

This one-week stay is complementary to the optional quarter offered on our Shanghai campus.

Get out of your comfort zone in Bangalore

This study trip to Bangalore, the Indian Silicon Valley, will allow you to discover and evolve in a different economic, societal and cultural context. You will live an unprecedented experience, undoubtedly confusing, which will lead you to decenter your habits and references.

You are immersed in a context where all the new challenges of a globalized world meet. You will be able to better understand the different business models related to it through targeted activities:

  • The collaborative economy and social business: field studies with the actors of one of these social businesses and in particular with the young adults who are trained there
  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship: visit of an incubator, "Entrepreneurship in a large group" conference
  • The traditional economy: visits to pharmaceutical centers and delocalised manufacturing plants like Saint Gobain, Renault
  • The digital: discovery of the startup ecosystem of the Indian Silicon Valley

Immerse yourself in the Japanese model in Tokyo

This study trip is a unique opportunity to discover Japan, a country where the sense of service, hospitality and customer satisfaction are true cultural pillars.

Through an alternation of expert interventions, networking and business visits, you will appreciate the importance of the services sector, which accounts for more than 70% of the country's GDP (2016 GDP: 4 171 billion dollars). The program includes meetings and visits to Uniqlo, Japan Airlines, LVMH, Nintendo ...

These activities will be complemented by lectures on the themes: Settling in Japan, Japanese Culture

Discover North American Entrepreneurial Innovation in Boston

The purpose of this module is to discover the Boston ecosystem and understand how it supports growth and innovation within companies.

This learning trip is an opportunity for all students to discover why Boston is a preferred destination when it comes to innovating or simply creating value. This study trip is primarily a module to understand the impact of the economic environment on the practice of trades and discover the specificities of the latter. It is also an opportunity to lay the first foundations of what could become future professional networks.

In the program :

  • visits to companies and start-ups
  • campus tours (Babson College, Northeastern University)
  • conferences on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Incubator visits
  • Entrepreneurship courses taught by Boston University professors
  • visits to law firms dealing with regulations or industrial property
  • business angels and venture capitalists
  • moments of conviviality with the graduates of emlyon business school working on this geographical area

A significant opportunity

emlyon business school Shanghai opens its campus to the most motivated students for a period of three months, from April to July (on selection, limited number of places).

This extended international immersion allows you to understand the specific issues of Asian companies and the business environment. Several dedicated courses, conferences, visits and meetings with experts, professionals and graduates punctuate the stay:

  • Asian Business Environment aims to understand the specific geostrategic, political, economic and cultural specificities of different Asian countries.
  • Business Marketing in Asia aims to discover B2B marketing approaches in different Asian countries
  • High Tech Project Marketing focuses on international business development
  • Global Sourcing in Asia addresses the opportunities and constraints of purchasing in the "world factory" that Asian countries have become
  • Global Supply Chain in Asia addresses complex issues related to supply chain management in and between countries in Asia and Europe.

These contributions are based on multiple meetings with French and foreign professionals based in Asia as well as on field studies with international companies. A unique chance to start your personal network on the spot.

Promising career paths and perspectives

As this program is hybrid, mixing entrepreneurial dynamics and expertise related to innovation, the employability dynamic is as follows:

  • companies from all sectors and profiles (multinationals, mid-market companies, start-ups, but also consulting firms, venture capital companies, private and public support organizations and the skills centers) will appreciate your ability to mobilize projects and missions related to innovation and development, being at ease with new technologies, digital breaks and their impact.
  • the main target functions are: entrepreneur creator, business developer, specialized consultant, business unit manager, innovative project manager / transformation manager, development manager, research project manager

"This new program fits the expectations of companies that demand skills and knowledge from entrepreneurship and innovation. I agree to be part of the scientific council of MS® Entrepreneurship

"I founded webinterpret, SME of more than 200 people in the field of digital. I particularly appreciate that innovation reinforcing entrepreneurship, this program can only give more advantages to students. " Philippe Smarzinsky - graduate emlyon emlyon business school , entrepreneur maker

"The tight interweaving of innovation management content in the development of SME SMIs will enable students to have the necessary skills. I will be part of the scientific council of the new MS® Entrepreneurship

Investment statistics

The format of the specialized mastership Entrepreneurship

  • insertion deadlines of nearly 90% in less than 6 months after the end of the program, 54% of which before the end
  • an average salary between 40 K € and 45 K €. Your background and profile as well as the sectors of activity
  • geographical location: 19% international / 37% Paris IDF / 36% region AURA / 8% other French regions
  • breakdown by function / family: Consulting 20%, Development / intrapreneurship 30%, Projects

Alumni network

Every business school has its alumni association . emlyon business school goes further: with emlyon business school forever alumni network, every student becomes a member of the network of graduates from his first day at school ... and forever . An asset to build your network and benefit from a range of services before you even graduate.

Admission procedure

The Specialized Masters® are aimed at:

  • Young graduates of engineering or management schools
  • To academics holding a Master 2
  • Academics holding a Master 1 by derogation for 30% of the workforce
  • Business executives graduated from higher education (Bac 4) with 3 years of professional experience

Key dates

The application sessions run from November to August. The current session closes on April 23, 2019.

Online application form

To apply, candidates must complete an online application form and download the required supporting documents.

Online video

Online video is an innovative way to remotely evaluate the adequacy of your profile and project with the chosen training.

The selection phase

The selection process takes place in two phases:

  • 1) The 1st selection phase following which the admission results are pronounced on administrative elements (application file, supporting documents, online video)
  • 2) Following the 1st phase of selection and if the jury deems it necessary, candidates may be called to an oral interview if necessary. The admission results are then pronounced following this interview.

Application Fees

The application fee amounts to € 120 for the 2019 school year. These application fees are offered to scholarship students upon presentation of proof.

Tuition fees and funding aids

Tuition fees for the Specialized Master in Entrepreneurship

These tuition fees include administrative fees for the fall of 2019 and lifetime membership in the emlyon business school forever alumni network. The extension of schooling beyond the official duration of the program will result in the payment of administrative fees, at the rate of € 500 per additional year.

Corporate mission

With a duration of 6 months, the mission in company is generally remunerated between 1 000 € and 1 300 € per month, which makes it possible to cover a part of the cost of the formation.

Program taught in:

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