Specialized Master sis: information security and systems

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Specialized Master sis: information security and systems

ESIEA Graduate Engineering School

The Master Spécialisé® SIS is open to all those wishing to become experts in information security and systems, with a global vision of the information system - and more generally of information - they need protect, and able to respond quickly and effectively to the changing situation of insecurity linked to external or internal attacks, which they are confronted. Faced with these phenomena, the specialist must have a global vision.

The Master Spécialisé® SIS is intended to profiles +5 (or possibly +4) capable of programming, and having a strong technical base. The Master Spécialisé® SIS is particularly open to executives already working who want to specialize in computer security.

After the training, students are able to assess the security of an information system, to define a plan of protection of facilities entrusted to them, to develop and implement the appropriate technical devices and to ensure operational use. They intervene as operational managers, engineers, consultants and project managers in the security of information systems or networks, secure application development, reverse engineering or audit and risk assessment.

The Information Security & Systems: the network code

The Specialized Master SIS aims to train specialists in information security that enterprises expect.

The strengths of the Master in Information Security and Systems

  1. Specialized Master is a training +6 lasting at least two semesters. It includes theoretical lessons, a business research staff work and defense of a professional thesis. This training is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

  2. The Specialized Master SIS - ESIEA is a comprehensive and demanding training that ranges from ISO 27001 to Reverse Engineering, virology and cryptology, through secure programming, business intelligence, Windows Security or programming smart cards.

  3. The teaching is based on a set constant practice, the student is truly an actor of his training. To be placed in situations close to the reality of companies, emergency scenarios are played in real time in our safety laboratory, or opposing teams defending and alternately attack a system or application.

  4. The Specialized Master SIS - ESIEA involves about fifty experts, often internationally recognized.

  5. Created in 2004, the Specialized Master SIS - ESIEA has graduated more than 350 students.

  6. ESIEA is a recognized player in training and research in cybersecurity. The school is one of few players in education cited by information report on cyber defense of Senator Bockel (July 2012). His team Cryptology and Operational Virology was originally DAVFI the project, development of an open source antivirus "Made in France", supported by the state as part of the Future Investments.

  7. The Specialized Master SIS - ESIEA figure: In the four courses included in the category "Networks, Telecom, NICT" by the Awards 2014 Best Specialized Masters of Le Figaro- Student. Since only restraint safety training in the test bench 2014 MS and MBA specialized in the newspaper Le Parisien Information Systems


Training requires technical prerequisites, strong motivation and high availability:

  • Namely developing a program in C and Java
  • Understand and know how to use UNIX commands
  • Have general notions about the architecture of a system, outside materials, (processor, memory, input system output): roles and relationships.
  • Very good capacity of oral and written expression in French is also required, as well as a good level in English.
  • Applications (academic year 2017/2018)
  • Requests for Application Form must be made by mail, accompanied by a CV that allows the program management to decide on the admissibility of your application.

If your application is deemed admissible, we send you an Application Form, which must be returned duly completed.

The first recruitment session for the Specialized Master's Degree in Information Technology (SIS) is for applications filed before May 31, 2017.

It is recommended that all applicants submit their application and filing, file at the earliest - and especially for employees candidates who will apply for assistance from FONGECIF or foreign applicants, who will take steps to 'visa. Only twenty places are open.

Depending on the available places, an additional recruitment session will end on June 30, 2017, and possibly a third, before September 25, 2017.

After studying the application, eligible applicants are invited for two interviews (or, for candidates residing abroad, for an appointment Skype or phone):

  • An interview with Vincent GUYOT, Scientific Director of the Specialized Master's Degree in Paris, or Eric FILIOL Research Director, CVO (Cryptology and Operational Virology), CNS (Digital Confidence and Security).
  • an interview with another member of the teaching team.

The admission decision is notified to the applicant in writing as a result of these discussions in the months following the file deadline. This decision rests with the Director General of ESIEA, on a reasoned proposal of the Director of Program.

Final registration is subject to the regulations of the school.

This school offers programs in:
  • French
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2019
12 months
Full time
10,150 EUR
France - Paris, Île-de-France
Start date : Oct. 2019
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Oct. 2019
France - Paris, Île-de-France
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