Sovereign Wealth Fund, Hedge Fund, and Mutual Fund Management Program


Program Description

Sovereign Wealth Fund, Hedge Fund, and Mutual Fund Management Program

Cambridge Graduate University is designed to provide global leaders with the tools, network, global understandings, and existential logic to have 21st Century global impact. As part of that mission, Cambridge Graduate University provides both the world’s only global campus university, and the world’s only Masters and Doctorate degrees in Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) Management, Hedge Fund (HF) Management, and Mutual Fund (MF) Management from the world’s top faculty. Designed to prepare global leaders and managers of sovereign wealth, hedge and mutual funds, this program integrates immersed regional knowledge of the globe with finance, investment, political and economic sophistication, and business management skills, to refine the judgment, skills, and instincts in navigating the complex relationships between the state and private sectors, while making sound investment decisions for the $ trillions in sovereign wealth, hedge and mutual funds of the globe.

The origins of Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, and Mutual Funds range from the need to protect and grow dedicated funds accumulated by nations to support long-range programming for future national health, educational, and economic development projects; to intergenerational transfers of familial financial reserves; to wealth protection for ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals worldwide.

Course of Study

Through our practitioners and experts in areas such as investment management, concentrated stock management and intergenerational wealth transfer strategies; our students receive:

  • A disciplined investment strategy approach that begins by fully comprehending
    their current financial situation and goals for the future.
  • Customized, sophisticated financial strategies, and solutions that go beyond investing
    in stocks and bonds to help address every aspect of their financial life.
  • A wealth management framework for organizing and integrating all of their
    investment objectives.

These goals are met through an integrated mixture of worldwide cohort immersion intensives, lectures, Cambridge Leadership Immersion Method for Business (CLIMB) living investment portfolios, case studies, group discussions, and simulations.

General Program Objectives

The program objectives of the CGU College of Business are to provide the tools, instruction, and environments for our students to develop their own, in-depth appreciation of strategy and innovation in investment as it relates to senior fund managers and executives. A fundamental dimension injected into this perspective is an appreciation for the complex dynamics of globalization technology, operations, and strategic cost analysis. By analyzing investment from a variety of perspectives, the program will develop multiple views of investment strategies and operational guidelines, with a focus on how they overlap and oppose each other. The program will analyze investment approaches and strategy from the corporate goals of:

  • Seeking long-term, sustainable, and high financial returns for its shareholder within acceptable risk tolerance.
  • Investing in and not controlling any sector company.
  • Abiding by local laws and regulations in the countries in which investments are made.
  • Assuming conscientiously its corporate and global role corporate social responsibility.
  • Ensuring that investments are research and analytics-driven to provide a basis for a sound, prudent decision on investments.
  • Ensuring that investments are both allocations driven as well as driven by a combined measure of the fund’s core near-term and long-range goals.

CGU graduates will return to their corporate positions with a renewed sense of their own leadership roles and for the strategies will meet the wealth management goals of their SWF, HF, and MF as well as wealth management goals of the private funds owned by ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals.


In Sovereign Wealth Management, Hedge Fund Management, and Mutual Fund Management, students will progress through a comprehensive five-part curriculum:

  • Fundamentals of Fund Management
  • Emerging Markets
  • Sovereign Wealth Management
  • Hedge Fund Management
  • Mutual Fund Management

These curricula are focused on sharpening the analytical and decision-making skills of our students. Our intensive, hybrid learning experience incorporates worldwide cohort immersion intensives, lectures, case studies, group discussions, simulations, and specialized tools to demystify the process of understanding a sector’s economics and a company’s strengths and weaknesses in that sector. Graduates will master concepts and skills that they can apply in any situation requiring extensive business analysis.

Interlaced within each of the College’s five curriculum areas are several principles and controls that are in integral to the corporate investing and funds management process. These fundamental principles and controls engage repeatedly with every product received and produced in each stage of the process, and are listed below:

  • Risk management
  • Risk control systems
  • Business strategy analysis
  • Financial accounting analysis
  • Prospective analysis, and
  • Management and implementation of corporate investment strategies, policies, and goals

Graduates of our program will be as facile with these principles as they are with the sophisticated analytical tools that assist them in mapping a risk-controlled path toward the corporation’s mandate and its vision of the future.

Last updated Jan 2018

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As a global leader, Cambridge Graduate University is designed for you. Cambridge Graduate University is the world’s first global campus university crafted by the world’s top scholars for a select coho ... Read More

As a global leader, Cambridge Graduate University is designed for you. Cambridge Graduate University is the world’s first global campus university crafted by the world’s top scholars for a select cohort of global leaders to have 21st Century global impact and beyond. Prestigious scholars and practitioners from elite universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Oxford, London School of Economics and more, personally travel with, mentor and transform each select cohort of global leaders through global immersion intensives, building a rare and powerful global network of global leaders for global impact. It is your time! Let’s transform and empower you! Read less