Shipping International Trade and Finance


Program Description

The Program offers intellectually challenging courses with a diversity of learning experiences that aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge to operate competently within the maritime industry.

The Program aims to:

  • offer knowledge and expertise for a role in senior economic management in firms involved in Maritime Transport and International Trade operations on an international or national basis, working in the development and management of resources, or in a central government position.
  • develop the capacity to make an effective contribution at the highest level to the planning and management of international transport, international trade or shipping undertakings.

The program of study for each student is selected from a carefully focused range of options, so that a course can be tailored to his/her previous or current work, or may be designed to widen his/her range of expertise.

The program is realized by the Department of Maritime Studies from the University of Piraeus (Greece) and the Faculty of Economics from Danubius University (Romania).

The goals of this program are:

  • to address the educational needs of the rapidly evolving, highly competitive and capital intensive shipping industry, by bridging the gap between academic theory and business practice.
  • It is designed to provide a unique educational experience that combines research-led, and is supported by renowned academic faculty members and senior industry practitioners.
  • The student will gain an in-depth understanding of how the shipping and financial markets interact and complement each other.
  • The student will specialize in the analysis of shipping markets and cycles, chartering and ship-broking practices, international trade processes, the selection of alternative shipping finance and investment methods as well as the development, implementation and appraisal of shipping related risk management strategies.
  • The student will also gain exposure to the structure and operations of financial markets and institutions, securities trading, corporate transactions, valuation and investment strategies.

    The fields of academic interests are:

  1. Maritime Economics
  2. Transport& Regional Economics
  3. Finance& Accounting
  4. International Trade

Graduated diploma is a double-degree one and is recognized all over the world.

The Master Degree (M.Sc.) in Maritime Studies represents a strong and valid academic title, that is well respected, appreciated and recognized by both the Greek and the international maritime community.

The program has already concluded its first decade of existence in Greece having enrolled approximately 1000 students, 500 of which have already graduated. The majority of these graduates are already employed in the wider area of the Maritime Industry and Transport.


  1. Regional Sustainable Development
  2. Research Methodology & Quantitative Methods
  3. International Economics & International Trade
  4. Fundamentals of Financial Management
  5. Shipping Markets' Analysis & Policy
  6. Transport Economics & Transport
  7. Political Economy of EMU
  8. Mergers &Acquisitions
  9. Practice


  10. Economic Modelling of Shipping Markets
  11. Shipping and Managerial Accounting
  12. Commodity Trade & Chartering Policy
  13. Port Economics & Management
  14. Shipping Finance & Investment Strategy
  15. Maritime Environment Protection
  16. Maritime Insurance Claims & P&I Clubs
  17. Research and Dissertation
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This institution, founded in 1992, assumes the role of enriching the values of the Romanian culture and civilization, of supporting the assertion of national identity and spirituality, in order to dev ... Read More

This institution, founded in 1992, assumes the role of enriching the values of the Romanian culture and civilization, of supporting the assertion of national identity and spirituality, in order to develop our society as a democratic and social state of law. Read less