• Shipbuilding The Shipbuilding Department provides specialized training for acquiring the academic degrees:

Bachelor of Science

  • for the students of the major of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering;
  • for the students of other majors at TU-Varna, associated with the construction and operation of ships and marine structures;

Master of Science

  • for specialists with a Bachelor of Science degree on Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
  • for specialists with a Bachelor of Science degree on Mechanical Engineering and Operation of the Fleet.

Ship Machines and Mechanisms The major of Marine Engineering was introduced in 1963, the first year of enrollment of students at the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute-Varna, now Technical University - Varna. The duration of study is 5 years for full-time and for part-time students, including 6 months of training sailing practice or product placement. Students graduate with the academic degree "Master of Science" and acquire the qualification degree of Qualified Engineer, also getting the opportunity to receive an internationally recognized certificate of competence "Watchkeeping Engineer".

Navigation, transport management and preservation of waterways The Department delivers the training of full-time and part-time students in specialties "Navigation" and "Operation of Fleet and Ports" at TU, Varna. The two majors were founded in the 1992/1993 academic year. The department, which provides specialized training is called "Navigation and Transport Management" headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng Chavdar Branimirov Ormanov. Technical Assistant is Mrs. Krasimira Stoykova. "Navigation and Transport Management and Preservation of waterways" Department is part of the Faculty of Marine Science and Ecology. Tutorials and labs are housed in the newest building of the campus. The academic staff of the department comprises 14 full-time lecturers, 5 guest lecturers, and a technical assistant. The department has established a "Maritime Training Centre" according to protocol No: 9/30.05.2005 by the Academic Board of the Technical University, Varna. Head of the center is Assoc.- Prof. Dr.Eng. Mihail Shterev. Its operation is confirmed and monitored by the Executive Agency of "Maritime Administration" at the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Bulgaria. The majors are in the State Register of specialties. By Decree No: 170/03.08.1998 uniform state requirements for obtaining degrees in both disciplines have been adopted.

Ecology and Environmental Protection Ecology and Environmental Protection Department provides training on the following majors:

  • Technique and Technology for pollution prevention of seas and environmental protection – Bachelor Degree
  • Technique and Technology for pollution prevention of seas and environmental protection – Master’s Degree
  • Agriculture – Bachelor Degree

The academic staff of the department comprises 13 lecturers: 1 Professor, 5 Associate- professors, 4 Doctors, 2 Assistants. Students that graduated in the department have found career opportunities as environmentalists in municipalities, RIEW(Regional Inspection on Environment and Waters), National Agency for the Environment, Basin Directorate, Maritime Administration as well as in manufacturing plants. Ecology and Environmental Protection Department has postgraduate programs for scientific degree "Doctor" on the scientific specialty Systems and installations for environmental protection. Majors in the department that provide training are accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA).

Plant- growing Thermotechnics (Heat Engineering)

The Thermotechnics Department provides fundamental training in the majors of the professional field of Mechanical Engineering covering the subjects “Thermodynamics”, “Heat and Mass Transfer”, “Fluid Mechanics”, “Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines and Drives” and “Automatic Control and Operation”. The specialized training in the major of Thermotechnics (for Bachelor of Science and Master of Science) is conducted in the subjects of the fields "Heat Exchange, Mass Exchange and Fuel Equipment and Systems", "Heat and Gas Supply", "Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning", "Refrigeration and Drying Equipment "," Renewable Energy Sources and Utilization of Waste Heat ", " Computer Systems for Engineering Design” Research and international cooperation are related to the research areas of Theoretical Thermotechnics (Heat Engineering), Applied Thermotechnics (Heat Transfer) , Fluid Mechanics, Automated Systems for Information and Management.

Program taught in:
  • English

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