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Professional Master's in Business Administration - Management, Internationalization and Logistics

The University of Vale do Itajaí - Univali plays a significant role in Santa Catarina and national academic development through its undergraduate and graduate programs, a fact which places it among the leading universities in the state of Santa Catarina. This prominent role, however, the university requires a commitment to improving the skills of current and future professionals.

Aware of their responsibilities to the labor market in constant change, the Univali launches the first Professional Master's Program in Management Area focusing on Management, Internationalization and Logistics.

The city of Itajai, headquarters Univali and Program, focuses on the service sector, especially in the areas of Logistics and Foreign Trade. Thus companies with international operations are established in the region in search of alternatives process and human resource improvements compatible with the requirements of the activities offered by the city. Within a radius of 600 km, it is concentrated about 50% of Brazil's GDP in companies like BMW Brazil, Tiger, Embraco, Eliane, Dudalina among many others that have their head office or subsidiary and installed.

Therefore, the Professional Master's Program in Business Administration - Management, Internationalization and Logistics, called PMPGIL, meets regional development to contribute to the training of more qualified professionals and academics to the global challenge and the management of organizations.

Who is

Preferably graduates in undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Economics, International Business, Accounting, Law, International Relations, Logistics, Port Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Engineering, and other related fields.

Consultants seeking professional development in Management, Internationalization and logistics to contribute effectively with their business and their customers.

Graduates working in management of companies and institutions in the region, as well as managers and entrepreneurs to promote the internationalization of organizations, improvements in organizational management and logistics management.

Students, graduates of undergraduate and specialization courses (MBAs) who want to deepen in the PMPGIL concentration area and who wish to pursue their education, now at the level of postgraduate stricto sensu.

Graduates of this Professional Master in Business Administration (MPA) have the same prerogatives of the master's graduate academic mode.

Concentration Areas and Research Areas

Management, Internationalization and Logistics

The concentration area is formed by the union of three fields in full swing in the business field and in the gym. The scientific and empirical knowledge lets guess you can not understand them in isolation but considering its features as intrinsic to organizations.

Scientific research in business management, internationalization and logistics are important for the deepening of knowledge in the administration area, to allow the development of best practices in organizations. In addition, alignment between the areas of business management, internationalization and logistics provides a critical analysis of national peculiarities and the inclusion of organizations in the international context.

Research lines

Business management

This line involves studies and research on the approaches of strategy in organizations, competitive positioning, organizational capabilities, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation and its reflection in the market. Through critical discussions, theoretical and practical, organizational environment and the impacts on organizational management are analyzed.

Internationalization and Logistics

This line of action proposes to study issues related to internationalization strategies of companies to strengthen the commercial position, standardization of processes, value chain analysis, the definition of strategic positioning and achieving synergies. Regarding logistics, as well as natural interaction with the theme of internationalization, such as analysis of logistics operations in export projects, procurement of logistics costs in the formation of export prices, the analysis of international physical distribution chain, etc. the focus will be on the study of operations and logistics strategies and emerging issues that enable organizations to gain sustainable competitive advantages.


The companies for scholarship donation is regulated by Decree No. 3,000 / 99 - Art. 365, Sections I and II - Ministry of Finance, which allows the reduction of the amount donated in the enterprise income tax.

There are two possibilities to be provided their discount: Receipt Issue: is made a registered company (form below). The academic effects the payment of the monthly billet which is available on the Intranet. After payment, the scholar should take the ticket paid to the Scholarship Coordination, where a receipt of the respective discount will be provided. The student directs that receipt to the company, the refund.

Invoice issue: first, it formalized an agreement (model below) for the provision of services between the company and the Univali. After the signing, the agreement is sent to the company with their percentage provided by the company and by paying, the bag will be released in the system due to the discount on tuition.

In both cases the student may or may not have ties to the company.

It is up to the academic contact the company to enter into that contract.

Compulsory subjects

  • Research methodology
  • Cases Workshop on Management, Internationalization and Logistics
  • Research Seminars
  • Project management

Elective Courses for Business Management Line

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Strategy and Competitive Advantage
  • Market Analysis and Consultancy
  • Data Quantitative Analysis
  • International Finance and Governance
  • Commercial and International Negotiation

Electives for the internationalization line and Logistics

  • Internationalization Strategies
  • Marketing in International Markets
  • Commercial and International Negotiation
  • Operations and logistics strategies
  • International Finance and Governance
  • Data Quantitative Analysis
  • Emerging Topics in Logistics

Objective of the Course

The Professional Master's in Business Administration Objective aims to train researchers, professionals and teachers to act on issues of Corporate Management, Internationalization and Logistics, stimulating global mindset and preparing them for the mastery of analytical tools of empirical and theoretical application, levando- taking into consideration regional characteristics.

Specific course objectives:

  • Promote the development of scientific and applied research in the areas of management, internationalization and logistics.
  • develop a student's ability to develop scientific and applied research to lines of research.
  • mobilize public and private financing of various kinds for the development of research, academic and professional skills in PMPGIL area.
  • disseminate knowledge through recognized magazines, conferences and seminars in Brazil and abroad.
  • develop a global mindset through the program of internationalization, getting teachers and businessmen from Brazil and abroad to exchange experiences.
  • become a reference center for research and consulting in Management, Internationalization and Logistics expanding exchanges in academia and organization.
Program taught in:
Portuguese (Brazil)

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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020
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