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The Master in Digital Marketing arises from the need of the 2.0 market whose demand requires highly qualified professionals in all areas of digital marketing

Why the Professional Master in Digital Marketing and Social Networks?

Digital Marketing arises in response to the needs of the Market 2.0 and requires the incorporation of highly qualified professionals in all its areas. This discipline combines Traditional Marketing strategies with new methods capable of taking advantage of the particularities of the digital medium and anticipating the future.

This training will provide you with research methodologies, creative processes and powerful technical tools to effectively carry out Digital Marketing campaigns, strategic plans for Social Media and actions in various digital channels that guarantee high profitability for your company.


Being a Social Media Manager with great presence in social channels

  • Work in a high position in the Online Marketing sector.
  • Master all areas of Online Marketing from communication strategies to the detailed analysis of the results in action plans.
  • Develop successful Online Marketing strategies enhancing my best skills.
  • Understand in depth the technical tools to face professionally the constant evolution of the sector.

Who is it for?

All those people who work in the Marketing area and who need to acquire the necessary knowledge and tools of the current online sector.

Professionals from any area of the company interested in evolving and understanding the important changes that the Internet is causing in Digital Marketing strategies. To people who want to create their own digital marketing company and have the necessary resources to manage it successfully. For those who need to learn one of the new professions that the current market demands.


block 01Template in Web Technology and LOPD

block 02 Digital Marketing Teaching

block 03 Introduction to Google AdWords

block 04Google Adwords agenda

block 05Team Email Marketing, Affiliation and CRM

block 06Google Analytics Getting Started

block 07Google Analytics agenda

block 08Google Tag Manager

block 09 Web Usability Initiation Program

block 10 Usability and User Experience - UX

block 11Inspiration in Search Engine Positioning (SEO)

block 12 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

block 13 Content Marketing Strategies in Content

block 14 Social Media and Community Manager

block 15 Creativity in Digital Environments

block 16Team Mobile Marketing and Digital Trends

block 17 Final project schedule

Modalities and Methodology

The methodology used in International Marketing for the learning and teaching of the students in the different courses is based on the concept of personalizing, as much as possible, the training of the students, so much so that the latter will choose the time dedicated to the guided study. for a planning established by the center. For this reason we offer two methods of study:

  • Blended Learning or mixed, which combines face-to-face training with online training.
  • E-learning, where all the training and material is online.

In both methods, a flexibility is promoted in the management of time by the student, always guided by a few temporary paths. Collaborative work, participation and contact at all times with the teacher specialized in the subject, will make the entire training process a simple and bearable task. For all this, the cloister is composed of highly qualified professionals in each specialty.

Blended Learning

In the modality of Blended Learning or blended learning the student divides his learning with the combination of face-to-face classes and online work. Each student has a program of activities and study in the online campus to achieve their objectives. It has the figure of the teacher and the tutor.


In the E-Learning mode, the student bases his learning on online work through our virtual campus. Each student has a program of activities and study in the online campus to achieve their objectives. It has the figure of the teacher and the tutor.

Why choose us

If you are thinking about which center to register, check first what they can offer you.

We offer you the following list of advantages in ALL our programs, both SEMIPRESENCIAL and ONLINE :

  • Virtual campus: this is a campus that emulates what is a real school, an interactive center for meeting the community. 100% dynamic and participatory.
  • Temario in constant update: care to detail, with a wording aimed at achieving an effective and enjoyable training.
  • Live virtual classes: face to face training with the teacher, get the answer to your questions at the moment.
  • Custom tutor follow-up: interpret your progress so you always know where you are.
  • Academic monitoring of the teacher: solve your doubts and correct your tasks.
  • Planning: monthly and weekly in detail.
  • Forums: with colleagues, with the teacher and debate.
  • Teaching staff: connection with all the teachers of your program from the first to the last day.
  • Masterclass every month: with Digital Marketing gurus.
  • Access to the historical file of Masterclasses of IIMN
  • Carnet ISIC *: International card of students with more than 45,000 discounts.
  • Classes / Classrooms **: all our classrooms have state-of-the-art HP computers and digital whiteboards. Modern and equipped with the best technology, FREE fiber optic WIFI (300 Gb) of high performance with Aruba equipment, the most advanced in the market.
  • Facilities to study **: you can count on our classrooms if you do not have where to study or you need a place with the latest technology. (Check our study schedule).
  • Qualification *: Double degree, IIMN and degree accreditation by the Abat Oliba CEU University.
  • Pioneers of Digital Marketing: 10 years accumulating experience and resources in training in Digital Marketing. We have not adapted to the digital, we have been born and grown up with Internet. 1st Master of Digital Marketing in Spain: we have more than 27 promotions.

(*) Except introductory courses and English courses.

(**) Headquarters of Barcelona. The rest of the offices, to consult.

Master's Modalities

Master's Degree

  • Duration 1500 hours (220 contact hours) Total period of 14 months
  • Equivalence 60 credits
  • Master price € 6,750. (check installment payment)
  • Open call beginning October 2017 in Madrid and Barcelona

Online Master

  • Duration 1500 hours Total period of 14 months
  • Equivalence 60 credits
  • Master price € 4,500
  • Consult next call
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This course is Online, Online & Campus Combined
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Sep 2019
14 months
4,500 EUR
Online price; € 6,750 face price
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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