Strategic Design configures itself as a "big picture" understanding of society's demands, based on a new mindset and systemic vision, which redefines the approach to challenges, with a focus on identifying opportunities for action.


For professionals from various fields of knowledge and professional activity interested in the design thinking and its disruptive approach, with models capable of generating creative innovation and transform realities, be it in business or in causes.


Students will be introduced to new business models, supported by a creative, sustainable, responsible and collaborative vision, translating human values ​​and aspirations into viable solutions, with Design as a catalyst for the value creation process.


The Postgraduate course in Strategic Design and Innovation of the Istituto Europeo di Design - IED São Paulo aims to develop skills and abilities and provide experiences aimed at applying design thinking as a strategy to strengthen the business value chain.

The course addresses the culture of innovation and strategic thinking in the process of creating, managing and implementing new market solutions.

In this sense, the course offers a learning experience aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse areas of training, interested in the creative approach to face the current challenges of the market, mainly in the areas of management, branding and development of new products and services.

In this sense, the course is based on a set of design-oriented, user-centered concepts, tools and processes, such as: Metadesign, Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, Design Driven Innovation, among others.


The course focuses on preparing a mindset dedicated to the development of creative strategies, aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs from different areas. It values ​​the multidisciplinary aspects of design. It works on a systemic and contextual view of users' contributions and "affections", in the sense of identifying new solutions in products / services, translating people's values ​​and aspirations into future and viable solutions. Active in the participants the attitude of uniting creativity, management methodologies and entrepreneurial vision for the development of business and projects, with design as a catalyst for the process of value creation.

During the modules, students will be introduced to new business models supported by creative, sustainable and responsible vision through the development of distinctive projects and workshops in collaboration with teachers, experts and inspiring professionals who share their knowledge, at the same time different projects.

The formation of classes and the beginning of courses depend on a minimum quorum (at the discretion of the faculty), to ensure the best experience for all participants.


  • Theory and History of Design 18h
  • Design Mindset 6pm
  • Innovation and Sustainability 18h
  • Sociocultural Tendencies 18h
  • Metadesign 18h
  • Ethnographic Design 24h
  • Management and Innovation Processes 18h
  • Workshop - Thinking Design 18h
  • Semiotics and Meaning of Design 18h
  • Branding and Marketing Communication 18h
  • Services Design 18h
  • Design Experience 18h
  • Finance and Fundraising 18h
  • 18h Business Model Design
  • Entrepreneurship and New Economies 12h
  • Creative Leadership and Team Building 12h
  • Workshop - Experimental Design 12h
  • Strategic Design Management 18h
  • Thematic Seminars and Mentoring 12h
  • TCC 40h
Program taught in:
Portuguese (Brazil)

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Last updated October 2, 2018
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Sep 2019
18 months
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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