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"The Tourism and Hotel industry is one of the most dynamic industries today.

According to the World Tourism Organization , this sector will double the number of international tourists by 2030, being one of the largest industries in the world. The rapid development of tourism in all its aspects (hotel, tourism, travel agents, etc.) requires the training of a large number of highly qualified professionals capable of managing in a context of profound market changes. In Portugal, this sector accounts for around 12.5% ​​of GDP and is the country's largest export activity, accounting for 50% of national exports. In hotels, in the year 2017, it reached record highs in most of the indicators, registering a growth of 8.9% in the number of guests, 7.4% in the number of overnight stays and 19.5% in tourist revenues compared to the previous year.

It is within this framework that the Universidade Europeia promotes the 23rd edition of the Graduate in Hospitality Management, in partnership with the AHP - Association of Hospitality in Portugal.

This course is composed of 11 curricular units that will provide the trainees with the necessary skills to make strategic decisions in the areas of Management, Marketing, Finance, Planning, Investment, as well as in the various intervention areas of Hotel Operation. In a perspective of alignment with the market, the course also includes the realization of 3 masterclasses, with relevant personalities from the world of hotel and tourism and a closing seminar. "

The Graduate in Hotel Management is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to develop a career, acquire or deepen knowledge in this area of ​​business, characterized by profound changes and constant innovation. Training and updating the knowledge of hotel human resources is critical to ensuring the competitiveness of companies.

The course allows the development of highly specialized technical skills to meet the challenges of the tourism and hotel market, providing trainees with skills in management, strategy, innovation, marketing, finance, planning, investment and operation hotel.

Main benefits:

  • Strong connection to the business world;
  • Strongly oriented program for the practice and problem solving of the business world;
  • Link to the world's best Tourism and Hospitality Schools that belong to Laureate International Universities;
  • Integration of the course in a university strongly oriented to internationalization, whose mission is to train global professionals capable of developing their activity anywhere in the world;
  • High sector employability;
  • Extension of the curricular units that integrate the course and that allows to give the trainees the essential competences for the hotel manager of the current world.


  • Professionals in the area of ​​Hospitality and Tourism who wish to acquire / update skills in management and innovation in the sector;
  • Young graduates wishing to work in Hospitality and Tourism.
Patron: Ana Cristina Siza Vieira

Chairman of the Executive Board of AHP - Associação de Hotelaria de Portugal

Tourism is today one of the most dynamic economic activities in the world. As a truly global activity, it is exposed to a highly competitive environment that is affected by numerous economic, social and political transformations. The ability to adapt to this complex environment of tourist organizations in general and of hotel units in particular is decisive in ensuring the competitiveness of businesses. In this context, the adequate preparation of hotel human resources is critical for companies to meet the challenges of the tourism and hotel market and continue to grow. The Graduate in Hotel Management is a course that seeks to prepare professionals in the sector to manage hotel units in this context of global competition and constant innovation, giving it the essential tools for its activity in all the components of hotel management, from operational areas to marketing and strategic management, and is perfectly aligned with the daily needs of companies.


  • Administration and Management of Companies and / or Organizations of the Hotel Industry, namely hotel establishments, holiday villages and apartments, rural tourism and housing tourism units and Local Accommodation units; management companies of Restoration and Beverage establishments
  • Tourist Cruises;
  • Business Associations;
  • Consultancy and management consultancy in the hotel sector;
  • Companies providing services to hotel and catering companies;
  • Management of projects and events in the area of ​​hospitality and catering.
Last updated Mar 2020

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The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education.

The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education. Read less
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