Post-Professional MS in Resilient Real Estate Development Program


Program Description

The MS.RRED is a post-professional degree program focusing on resilient real estate development that leads to a Master of Science (MS) in Architecture. The program addresses the nuts-and-bolts of resilient development, from construction systems and business models to community and environmental stewardship.

Based at the Syracuse University Fisher Center in midtown Manhattan, this NYC-resident program draws upon the city’s culture of architectural and urban innovation. Here, theoretical inquiry meets real-world application. The program begins with one required studio and a coordinated real estate seminar, which provide a design-based immersion into the fundamentals of development. Required classes in real estate finance, sustainable construction processes, resilient land-use and planning, and real estate law and business build a foundational understanding and skillset.

Additional, students will connect with leading professionals during their study by participating in a special concentrated immersion course at Syracuse University’s main campus.

The program has been designed to prepare graduates for competitive careers in practice, teaching, and research and is well-suited for individuals with a professional degree in architecture or a related discipline, who seek to understand and harness the interrelated nature of economic development, social equality and environmental design.

Our MS is a STEM Designated Degree by the US Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

Please note: As a research-focused master of science, this program alone does not qualify as a professional degree leading to eligibility for the Architectural Registration Exam or licensure in the USA.

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Prerequisite for Admission

Applicants must elaborate on their current research skills and prior experience in the field in a brief essay, as well as provide a personal statement describing their goals for graduate study. Students accepted to the program will define their project more precisely in discussion with a faculty advisor in the months prior to enrollment. Instruction occurs in a variety of formal settings including self-directed studios, independent study, and graduate-level courses offered in the School of Architecture or other units of Syracuse University, where cross-disciplinary interaction and exchange are strongly supported and encouraged. The program concludes with a symposium in Syracuse, where students present the results of their design work and research.

The program is open to qualified students with a professional degree in architecture (BArch or MArch, or equivalent) or with demonstrable research skills and works in architecture or related fields. The completed application form must be accompanied by an official copy of prior academic transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a portfolio of academic and professional work, and a brief research proposal outlining clear intellectual interests and educational objectives and demonstrating preparedness for the demands of the program. GRE scores are highly recommended, but not required. TOEFL scores are required for all applicants whose native language is not English.

Last updated Apr 2020

About the School

Founded in 1873, the Syracuse University School of Architecture consistently ranks among the best schools of architecture in the nation.

Founded in 1873, the Syracuse University School of Architecture consistently ranks among the best schools of architecture in the nation. Read less