Part-Time International MSc in Business Administration

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Part-Time International MSc in Business Administration

TIAS School for Business and Society

The TIAS MScBA is NVAO accredited. NVAO (in Dutch: Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie) is the Accreditation Organisation of The Netherlands and Flanders.

TIAS Advantage

Your Master – the Next Step Towards a Successful Career in International Business

And nowhere more so than at TIAS. Our International MSc in Business Administration programme offers ambitious bachelor graduates a fast-track into an international business career – an exceptional programme that combines specialised knowledge in marketing, financial, investment or change and business management with a broad business and management knowledge base.

Learn how to work in an international team, delve into intellectually-challenging academic concepts, and then apply this knowledge to create innovative solutions to real problems. Acquire the professional and personal skills to lead, negotiate, delegate, and handle yourself with confidence – starting with that all-important first job.

FourSpecialisations – Plus Managerial Preparation

Unlike a specialist masters, our International MSc in Business Administration programme offers both an area of expertise, and broad business and management knowledge. You will be qualified to take on a specific role in a company, but with the added operational overview and leadership skills to perform beyond what is expected.

Professional and Personal Development

Dedicated professional and personal development is an important part of our International MSc in Business Administration, because success in international business depends on knowing how to manage yourself, and your relationships with others. Experienced coaches will give you the tools needed to grow and develop throughout your career, from knowing what motivates you, to establishing clear career goals.

International Classmates, Faculty and Content

Global business is all about effective teamwork. This is why you work in international teams throughout the programme. You will learn and communicate in English, the language of international business, about issues with global relevance. And you will learn it all from international faculty, an experience that is invaluable both for your development and in the eyes of future employers.

More Individual Attention

It is simple: smaller classes, more one-on-one guidance and mentoring- enhanced learning and development. Our intake is around 60 students, much less than on other master programmes. You will therefore get more attention from staff, and a much higher level of in-class interaction with your international classmates.

A Different Approach to Learning

At TIAS, you learn through the 'Block Teaching Method'. This means, you focus intensively on one subject at time, a method proven to be more effective than traditional teaching methods. You will gain a deeper understanding of what you learn, retain it better, and find it easier to manage your workload.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded the MSc in Business Administration.

Part-Time International MSc in Business Administration

The TIAS MScBA centers around one pre-stage and four formal stages. This allows participants to start on a level playing field while building their knowledge and abilities in a structured way. Before you start: Bringing you up to speed If you need additional knowledge in certain areas, our preparatory courses will bring you up to speed before you start the program. Topics include fundamentals in marketing, accounting, quantitative methods and academic writing.

(1) The Foundation Course: Introducing the fundamentals

Our foundation courses are designed to provide you with the fundamentals of management in areas such as Accounting and Finance, Economics, Research, IT, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Organizational Behaviour and Leadership.

(2) The Track Course: Advancing your abilities

This stage offers a choice of four advanced courses in one of the four focused areas:
•Marketing Management (including International Business and Internet)
•Financial Management (including Capital Markets and International Finance)
•Investment Management (including Risk Management and Institutional Investor Management).
•Change and Business Management (including Entrepreneurship and Organizational Coaching and Consulting)

(3) The Integration Course: Expanding your knowledge and skills

Stage 3 offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in areas such as Strategic Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics and you will experience an international study trip. It also presents students with one compulsory Elective or the possibility to experience an exchange program with one of our partner educational institutions around the world.

The Thesis Project: Creating tangible proof of your abilities

The program concludes with a Thesis Project in the form of a detailed and original academic report on a specific marketing, finance or business issue. It’s the perfect way to test the new ideas, knowledge and study skills you have acquired during the program, and will definitely improve your employment and career prospects by providing tangible proof of your capabilities.

Admission Requirements

We are committed to your education and helping you become the best you can be, whether that is a marketing guru, a non-profit leader, or a CFO. So we look for the same in you: drive, dedication and global aspirations.

We Look for Driven and Passionate Students with International Business Aspirations.

Our Requirements

  • A bachelor degree in any subject. The usual entry requirement is an average (GPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0 or 7 out of 10, or overall average of 80 from 100% (B on a scale of A to F).
  • All applicants will be asked to take the TIAS Capacity Test (included in the application fee) or a GMAT (minimum score of 550). Institution code for International MSc in Business Administration is 23X-5F-85.
  • Proficiency in English. This must be demonstrated by having studied your bachelor programme in English, by being a native English speaker, or by achieving minimum pass scores in either the IELTS (6.5 General Band) or TOEFL (90 points internet-based). The TOEFL TIAS school code is 8614.
  • Depending on your bachelor background and test results, you may be required to attend all or one of the preparatory courses. The Admissions Board reviews the qualifications of each candidate and decides according to the guidelines.
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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Feb. 2018
2 years
Part time
29,500 EUR
Netherlands - Tilburg
Start date: Feb. 2018
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Feb. 2018
Netherlands - Tilburg
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